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British Touring Car Championship statistics

This page handles statistics for the British Touring Car Championship between the years 1992 and 2019.


1.Flag Jason Plato96
2.Flag Matt Neal63
3.Flag Gordon Shedden48
4.Flag Colin Turkington47
5.Flag James Thompson36
Flag Yvan Muller36
Flag Alain Menu36
8.Flag Mat Jackson31
9.Flag Fabrizio Giovanardi24
10.Flag Andrew Jordan23
11.Flag Rickard Rydell21
12.Flag Antony Reid15
Flag Robert Collard15
14.Flag John Cleland14
15.Flag Ashley Sutton13
Flag Frank Biela13
Flag Tom Chilton13
Flag Joachim Winkelhock13
19.Flag Gabriele Tarquini12
20.Flag Laurent Aiello10


1.Flag Jason Plato230
2.Flag Matt Neal182
3.Flag Colin Turkington136
4.Flag Gordon Shedden125
5.Flag James Thompson110
6.Flag Yvan Muller94
7.Flag Alain Menu88
8.Flag Mat Jackson78
9.Flag Rickard Rydell66
Flag Andrew Jordan66
11.Flag Robert Collard62
12.Flag Fabrizio Giovanardi57
13.Flag Tom Chilton53
14.Flag Antony Reid50
15.Flag John Cleland42
16.Flag David Leslie39
17.Flag Tom Onslow-Cole36
18.Flag Frank Biela31
19.Flag Ashley Sutton29
Flag Sam Tordoff29

Fastest laps

1.Flag Jason Plato87
2.Flag Matt Neal55
3.Flag Colin Turkington53
4.Flag Gordon Shedden51
5.Flag Antony Reid28
Flag Yvan Muller28
Flag Alain Menu28
8.Flag James Thompson27
9.Flag Rickard Rydell26
10.Flag Mat Jackson22
11.Flag Andrew Jordan18
12.Flag David Leslie17
Flag Robert Collard17
Flag Fabrizio Giovanardi17
15.Flag Tom Chilton15
16.Flag Joachim Winkelhock14
Flag Tom Onslow-Cole14
Flag Gabriele Tarquini14
19.Flag Adam Morgan13
20.Flag Sam Tordoff12

Pole positions

1.Flag Jason Plato52
2.Flag Rickard Rydell37
3.Flag Alain Menu31
4.Flag James Thompson28
5.Flag Colin Turkington19
Flag Yvan Muller19
7.Flag Antony Reid17
Flag Matt Neal17
9.Flag David Leslie16
10.Flag Joachim Winkelhock13
11.Flag Gordon Shedden11
12.Flag Tom Chilton10
Flag Laurent Aiello10
14.Flag John Cleland9
15.Flag Frank Biela8
16.Flag Andy Priaulx7
Flag Andrew Jordan7
18.Flag Sam Tordoff6
19.Flag Tom Onslow-Cole5
Flag Mat Jackson5

Race starts

1.Flag Matt Neal665
2.Flag Jason Plato578
3.Flag Robert Collard430
4.Flag Colin Turkington401
5.Flag Gordon Shedden345
6.Flag Tom Chilton336
7.Flag Andrew Jordan334
8.Flag Mat Jackson306
9.Flag James Thompson286
10.Flag Alain Menu229
11.Flag Rob Austin226
Flag James Kaye226
13.Flag Adam Morgan215
14.Flag David Leslie212
15.Flag Yvan Muller202
16.Flag Tom Onslow-Cole189
17.Flag Jack Goff186
18.Flag Ollie Jackson185
Flag Antony Reid185
20.Flag Tim Harvey184

Race win percentage

1.Flag Laurent Aiello38.5%
2.Flag Frank Biela26%
3.Flag Joachim Winkelhock21.3%
4.Flag Yvan Muller17.8%
5.Flag Jason Plato16.6%
6.Flag Fabrizio Giovanardi15.8%
7.Flag Alain Menu15.7%
8.Flag Gabriele Tarquini14.8%
9.Flag Gordon Shedden13.9%
10.Flag Ashley Sutton13.1%
11.Flag James Thompson12.6%
12.Flag Tom Kristensen12.5%
13.Flag Rickard Rydell12.3%
14.Flag Colin Turkington11.7%
15.Flag Mat Jackson10.1%
16.Flag Matt Neal9.5%
17.Flag Antony Reid8.1%
18.Flag John Cleland8%
19.Flag Andrew Jordan6.9%
20.Flag Darren Turner6.8%
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