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British F1 Series statistics

This page handles statistics for the British F1 Series between the years 1978 and 1980.


1.Flag Emilio de Villota9
2.Flag Tony Trimmer6
3.Flag Guy Edwards5
Flag Rupert Keegan5
5.Flag Jim Crawford4
Flag David Kennedy4
7.Flag Eliseo Salazar3
8.Flag Desiré Wilson1
Flag Bob Evans1
Flag Geoff Lees1
Flag Bruce Allison1
Flag Giancarlo Martini1
Flag Gordon Smiley1
Flag Ricardo Zunino1
Flag Joe Castellano1


1.Flag Emilio de Villota18
2.Flag Guy Edwards14
3.Flag David Kennedy11
4.Flag Tony Trimmer10
5.Flag Desiré Wilson8
6.Flag Giacomo Agostini7
7.Flag Rupert Keegan6
8.Flag Valentino Musetti5
Flag Bob Evans5
Flag Jim Crawford5
Flag Eliseo Salazar5
12.Flag Geoff Lees4
Flag Ricardo Zunino4
Flag Bernard de Dryver4
15.Flag Ray Mallock3
Flag Bruce Allison3
17.Flag Jorge Koechlin von Stein2
Flag Norman Dickson2
Flag Joe Castellano2
20.Flag John Cooper1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Emilio de Villota9
2.Flag Guy Edwards5
3.Flag Rupert Keegan4
Flag Jim Crawford4
5.Flag Eliseo Salazar3
Flag Desiré Wilson3
Flag Geoff Lees3
Flag David Kennedy3
Flag Ricardo Zunino3
10.Flag Tony Trimmer2
11.Flag Giancarlo Martini1
Flag Teddy Pilette1
Flag Brett Lunger1
Flag Stephen South1
Flag Joe Castellano1

Pole positions

1.Flag Emilio de Villota10
2.Flag Guy Edwards7
3.Flag Eliseo Salazar6
4.Flag Tony Trimmer5
Flag Rupert Keegan5
6.Flag Jim Crawford3
7.Flag Ricardo Zunino2
8.Flag Giancarlo Martini1
Flag Brett Lunger1
Flag Stephen South1
Flag David Kennedy1
Flag Bernard de Dryver1
Flag Jorge Koechlin von Stein1

Race starts

1.Flag Emilio de Villota39
2.Flag Guy Edwards38
3.Flag Kim Mather30
4.Flag Valentino Musetti29
5.Flag Desiré Wilson26
6.Flag Brian Robinson24
Flag Warren Booth24
8.Flag Giacomo Agostini23
9.Flag Norman Dickson18
Flag John Cooper18
11.Flag Adrian Russell15
Flag Tony Trimmer15
Flag David Kennedy15
Flag Jim Crawford15
15.Flag Bernard de Dryver14
16.Flag Mike Wilds13
17.Flag Rupert Keegan12
Flag Eliseo Salazar12
19.Flag Gordon Smiley11
20.Flag Geoff Lees10

Race win percentage

1.Flag Joe Castellano50%
Flag Giancarlo Martini50%
3.Flag Rupert Keegan41.7%
4.Flag Tony Trimmer40%
5.Flag Jim Crawford26.7%
Flag David Kennedy26.7%
7.Flag Eliseo Salazar25%
8.Flag Emilio de Villota23.1%
9.Flag Guy Edwards13.2%
10.Flag Bob Evans12.5%
11.Flag Ricardo Zunino11.1%
Flag Bruce Allison11.1%
13.Flag Geoff Lees10%
14.Flag Gordon Smiley9.1%
15.Flag Desiré Wilson3.9%
16.Flag Warren Booth0%
Flag Bob Howlings0%
Flag Kim Mather0%
Flag John Cooper0%
Flag Ray Mallock0%
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