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American Le Mans Series - GTS statistics

This page handles statistics for the American Le Mans Series - GTS between the years 1999 and 2005.


1.Flag Olivier Beretta24
2.Flag Ron Fellows23
3.Flag Johnny O'Connell22
4.Flag Oliver Gavin15
5.Flag Karl Wendlinger12
6.Flag Kelly Collins6
7.Flag Jan Magnussen5
Flag Andy Pilgrim5
9.Flag David Brabham4
Flag David Donohue4
11.Flag Franz Konrad3
Flag Franck Fréon3
13.Flag Marc Duez2
Flag Tommy Archer2
Flag Dominique Dupuy2
Flag Peter Kox2
Flag Tomas Enge2
Flag Terry Borcheller2
Flag Darren Turner2
20.Flag Walter Brun1


1.Flag Ron Fellows48
2.Flag Johnny O'Connell41
3.Flag Olivier Beretta35
4.Flag Oliver Gavin28
5.Flag Terry Borcheller24
6.Flag Kelly Collins22
7.Flag Andy Pilgrim19
8.Flag Karl Wendlinger17
9.Flag Franz Konrad14
Flag Tommy Archer14
11.Flag David Donohue13
12.Flag Johnny Mowlem12
13.Flag David Brabham9
14.Flag Peter Kox8
Flag Jan Magnussen8
16.Flag Tomas Enge7
17.Flag Chris Kneifel6
18.Flag Emanuele Naspetti5
Flag Franck Fréon5
Flag Domenico Schiattarella5

Fastest laps

1.Flag Olivier Beretta18
2.Flag Oliver Gavin12
3.Flag Terry Borcheller8
4.Flag Tomas Enge7
5.Flag Johnny O'Connell4
Flag Karl Wendlinger4
7.Flag Ron Fellows3
Flag Andy Pilgrim3
9.Flag Darren Turner2
10.Flag Andrea Bertolini1
Flag David Brabham1
Flag Franz Konrad1
Flag Ni Amorim1
Flag Ian McKellar, Jr.1
Flag Alain Menu1

Pole positions

1.Flag Olivier Beretta17
2.Flag Ron Fellows15
3.Flag Oliver Gavin12
4.Flag Terry Borcheller8
5.Flag Tomas Enge3
6.Flag David Brabham2
Flag Tommy Archer2
Flag Karl Wendlinger2
9.Flag Johnny O'Connell1
Flag Jan Magnussen1
Flag Martin Snow1
Flag Andy Pilgrim1
Flag Bruno Lambert1

Race starts

1.Flag Ron Fellows56
2.Flag Terry Borcheller46
3.Flag Johnny O'Connell45
4.Flag Tom Weickardt38
5.Flag Olivier Beretta37
6.Flag Kelly Collins36
7.Flag Oliver Gavin33
8.Flag Andy Pilgrim30
9.Flag Franz Konrad29
10.Flag Jean-Philippe Belloc22
11.Flag Peter Kox21
12.Flag Johnny Mowlem19
Flag David Donohue19
Flag Emanuele Naspetti19
Flag Zakary Brown19
16.Flag Domenico Schiattarella18
Flag Karl Wendlinger18
18.Flag David Brabham16
Flag Tommy Archer16
20.Flag Tomas Enge14

Race win percentage

1.Flag Melanie Snow100%
2.Flag Dominique Dupuy66.7%
Flag Karl Wendlinger66.7%
4.Flag Olivier Beretta64.9%
5.Flag Patrick Huisman50%
Flag Stéphane Ortelli50%
Flag Bruno Lambert50%
Flag Jan Magnussen50%
9.Flag Johnny O'Connell48.9%
10.Flag Oliver Gavin45.5%
11.Flag Ron Fellows41.1%
12.Flag Marc Duez40%
Flag Darren Turner40%
14.Flag Franck Fréon37.5%
15.Flag Alain Menu33.3%
Flag Ian McKellar, Jr.33.3%
Flag John O'Steen33.3%
18.Flag David Brabham25%
Flag Larry Schumacher25%
20.Flag David Donohue21.1%
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