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Formula 4 ADAC statistics

This page handles statistics for the Formula 4 ADAC between the years 2018 and 2018.


1.Flag Lirim Zendeli10
2.Flag Liam Lawson3
3.Flag Frederik Vesti2
Flag Niklas Krütten2
5.Flag Olli Caldwell1
Flag Enzo Fittipaldi1
Flag Charles Weerts1
Flag Mick Wishofer1


1.Flag Lirim Zendeli13
2.Flag Liam Lawson11
3.Flag Enzo Fittipaldi10
4.Flag Frederik Vesti8
5.Flag Mick Wishofer6
6.Flag Olli Caldwell4
Flag Charles Weerts4
Flag Niklas Krütten4
9.Flag Gianluca Petecof2
10.Flag Leon Köhler1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Lirim Zendeli8
2.Flag Enzo Fittipaldi3
Flag Mick Wishofer3
Flag Frederik Vesti3
5.Flag Charles Weerts2
Flag Jack Doohan2

Pole positions

1.Flag Lirim Zendeli7
2.Flag Liam Lawson3
3.Flag Enzo Fittipaldi2
4.Flag Frederik Vesti1
Flag Leon Köhler1

Race starts

1.Flag David Schumacher21
Flag Tom Beckhäuser21
Flag Olli Caldwell21
Flag Leon Köhler21
Flag Lucas Alecco Roy21
Flag Gianluca Petecof21
Flag Charles Weerts21
Flag Niklas Krütten21
Flag Lirim Zendeli21
Flag Mick Wishofer21
Flag Liam Lawson21
Flag Frederik Vesti21
13.Flag Enzo Fittipaldi20
Flag Joey Alders20
15.Flag Ido Cohen18
16.Flag Andreas Estner14
Flag Sebastian Estner14
18.Flag Konsta Lappalainen11
19.Flag Aaron Di Comberti9
Flag Jack Doohan9

Race win percentage

1.Flag Lirim Zendeli47.6%
2.Flag Liam Lawson14.3%
3.Flag Niklas Krütten9.5%
Flag Frederik Vesti9.5%
5.Flag Enzo Fittipaldi5%
6.Flag Charles Weerts4.8%
Flag Olli Caldwell4.8%
Flag Mick Wishofer4.8%
9.Flag Giorgio Carrara0%
Flag Gianluca Petecof0%
Flag Andreas Estner0%
Flag Sebastian Estner0%
Flag Amaury Cordeel0%
Flag Petr Ptacek0%
Flag David Schumacher0%
Flag Konsta Lappalainen0%
Flag Aaron Di Comberti0%
Flag Federico Malvestiti0%
Flag Caio Collet0%
Flag Joey Alders0%
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