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ADAC Formel Masters statistics

This page handles statistics for the ADAC Formel Masters between the years 2008 and 2014.


1.Flag Alessio Picariello14
2.Flag Richie Stanaway12
3.Flag Mikkel Jensen10
4.Flag Pascal Wehrlein9
Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer9
6.Flag Daniel Abt8
7.Flag Maximilian Günther6
8.Flag Klaus Bachler5
Flag Patrick Schranner5
Flag Emil Bernstorff5
11.Flag Marco Sørensen4
Flag Adrian Campfield4
Flag Mario Farnbacher4
Flag Marvin Dienst4
Flag Sven Müller4
16.Flag Hendrik Grapp3
Flag Burkhard Maring3
Flag Kean Kristensen3
Flag Dennis Marschall3
Flag Jason Kremer3


1.Flag Alessio Picariello21
Flag Maximilian Günther21
3.Flag Richie Stanaway19
Flag Mikkel Jensen19
5.Flag Jason Kremer18
Flag Pascal Wehrlein18
7.Flag Gustav Malja17
8.Flag Mario Farnbacher16
Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer16
Flag Klaus Bachler16
11.Flag Marvin Dienst15
12.Flag Ralph Boschung14
13.Flag Emil Bernstorff13
Flag Daniel Abt13
15.Flag Sven Müller12
Flag Patrick Schranner12
17.Flag Artem Markelov11
18.Flag Tim Zimmermann10
19.Flag Kevin Friesacher9
20.Flag Armando Parente8

Fastest laps

1.Flag Mikkel Jensen12
2.Flag Gustav Malja9
Flag Richie Stanaway9
4.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer8
Flag Emil Bernstorff8
6.Flag Klaus Bachler7
Flag Jason Kremer7
8.Flag Alessio Picariello6
Flag Marvin Dienst6
10.Flag Nicolas Beer5
Flag Mario Farnbacher5
Flag Pascal Wehrlein5
13.Flag Maximilian Günther4
Flag Daniel Abt4
Flag Artem Markelov4
Flag Patrick Schranner4
17.Flag Adrian Campfield3
Flag Marco Sørensen3
Flag Nico Marvin Monien3
20.Flag Willi Steindl2

Pole positions

1.Flag Maximilian Günther13
2.Flag Mikkel Jensen8
Flag Daniel Abt8
Flag Pascal Wehrlein8
5.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer7
6.Flag Alessio Picariello5
Flag Marco Sørensen5
8.Flag Jason Kremer3
Flag Armando Parente3
Flag Klaus Bachler3
Flag Adrian Campfield3
Flag Richie Stanaway3
13.Flag Kevin Friesacher2
Flag Jeffrey Schmidt2
Flag Patrick Schranner2
Flag Liam Kenney2
Flag Nico Marvin Monien2
Flag Marvin Dienst2
19.Flag Sascha Steinhardt1
Flag Sven Müller1

Race starts

1.Flag Jason Kremer71
2.Flag Toni Koitsch56
3.Flag Mikkel Jensen48
Flag Marvin Dienst48
Flag Maximilian Günther48
Flag Fabian Schiller48
Flag Ralph Boschung48
8.Flag Gustav Malja47
Flag Roy Nissany47
Flag Giorgio Maggi47
Flag Indy Dontje47
Flag Kim-Luis Schramm47
Flag Alessio Picariello47
14.Flag Jeffrey Schmidt46
15.Flag Lucas Wolf45
Flag Sven Müller45
Flag Maxi Buhk45
Flag Maximilian Mayer45
19.Flag Pascal Wehrlein44
Flag Mario Farnbacher44

Race win percentage

1.Flag Marco Sørensen50%
Flag Richie Stanaway50%
3.Flag Marvin Kirchhöfer39.1%
4.Flag Alessio Picariello29.8%
5.Flag Daniel Abt26.7%
6.Flag Adrian Campfield25%
7.Flag Emil Bernstorff20.8%
Flag Mikkel Jensen20.8%
9.Flag Pascal Wehrlein20.5%
10.Flag Klaus Bachler15.6%
11.Flag Patrick Schranner13.5%
12.Flag Kean Kristensen12.5%
Flag Willi Steindl12.5%
Flag Nico Marvin Monien12.5%
Flag Dennis Marschall12.5%
Flag Maximilian Günther12.5%
17.Flag Burkhard Maring11.5%
18.Flag Mario Farnbacher9.1%
19.Flag Sven Müller8.9%
20.Flag Marvin Dienst8.3%
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