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Acceleration - FA1 statistics

This page handles statistics for the Acceleration - FA1 between the years 2014 and 2014.


1.Flag Nigel Melker5
2.Flag Mirko Bortolotti3
3.Flag Felix Rosenqvist2


1.Flag Nigel Melker9
2.Flag Mirko Bortolotti7
3.Flag Richard Gonda4
4.Flag Sebastian Balthasar3
Flag Felix Rosenqvist3
Flag Sergio Campana3
7.Flag Daniel Clos Alvarez1

Fastest laps

1.Flag Nigel Melker3
2.Flag Mirko Bortolotti2
Flag Felix Rosenqvist2
4.Flag Sergio Campana1
Flag Alessio Picariello1
Flag Daniel Clos Alvarez1

Pole positions

1.Flag Nigel Melker4
2.Flag Mirko Bortolotti3
3.Flag Felix Rosenqvist1
Flag Sergio Campana1
Flag Daniel Clos Alvarez1

Race starts

1.Flag Sebastian Balthasar10
Flag Richard Gonda10
Flag Luis Michael Dörrbecker10
Flag Sergio Campana10
5.Flag Nigel Melker9
6.Flag Mirko Bortolotti8
7.Flag Oliver Campos Hull6
Flag Armando Parente6
Flag Dennis Lind6
Flag Alfonso Toledano Jr.6
11.Flag Alessio Picariello5
12.Flag Felix Rosenqvist4
Flag Rodolfo González4
Flag Nathanaël Berthon4
Flag Marco Barba Lopez4
16.Flag Víctor García2
Flag Jimmy Eriksson2
Flag Steijn Schothorst2
Flag Daniel Clos Alvarez2
Flag Jeroen Mul2

Race win percentage

1.Flag Nigel Melker55.6%
2.Flag Felix Rosenqvist50%
3.Flag Mirko Bortolotti37.5%
4.Flag Gian Maria Gabbiani0%
Flag Sebastian Balthasar0%
Flag Jeroen Mul0%
Flag Daniel Clos Alvarez0%
Flag Steijn Schothorst0%
Flag Marco Barba Lopez0%
Flag Alessio Picariello0%
Flag Jimmy Eriksson0%
Flag Alfonso Toledano Jr.0%
Flag Nathanaël Berthon0%
Flag Dennis Lind0%
Flag Richard Gonda0%
Flag Armando Parente0%
Flag Luis Michael Dörrbecker0%
Flag Sergio Campana0%
Flag Oliver Campos Hull0%
Flag Rodolfo González0%
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