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A1GP statistics

This page handles statistics for the A1GP between the years 2006 and 2009.


1.Flag Neel Jani10
2.Flag Nico Hülkenberg9
3.Flag Alexandre Prémat7
Flag Jonny Reid7
5.Flag Nicolas Lapierre6
Flag Adam Carroll6
7.Flag Alex Yoong4
8.Flag Robbie Kerr3
Flag Adrian Zaugg3
10.Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.2
Flag Narain Karthikeyan2
Flag Jeroen Bleekemolen2
Flag Salvador Durán2
Flag Oliver Jarvis2
Flag Loïc Duval2
16.Flag Robert Doornbos1
Flag Christian Vietoris1
Flag Enrico Toccacelo1
Flag Tomas Enge1
Flag Jos Verstappen1


1.Flag Neel Jani30
2.Flag Robbie Kerr18
3.Flag Jonny Reid15
4.Flag Nico Hülkenberg14
Flag Loïc Duval14
6.Flag Adam Carroll12
7.Flag Nicolas Lapierre11
8.Flag Salvador Durán10
9.Flag Filipe Albuquerque9
10.Flag Alexandre Prémat8
11.Flag Oliver Jarvis7
12.Flag Enrico Toccacelo6
Flag Alex Yoong6
Flag Adrian Zaugg6
15.Flag Jeroen Bleekemolen5
Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.5
17.Flag Jonathan Summerton4
Flag Robert Wickens4
Flag Tomas Enge4
20.Flag Narain Karthikeyan3

Fastest laps

1.Flag Neel Jani8
2.Flag Adam Carroll6
Flag Jonny Reid6
4.Flag Alexandre Prémat5
Flag Nico Hülkenberg5
Flag Salvador Durán5
7.Flag Nicolas Lapierre4
Flag Adrian Zaugg4
Flag Franky Cheng Congfu4
Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.4
11.Flag Ralph Firman jr.3
Flag Alex Yoong3
13.Flag Jos Verstappen2
Flag Robbie Kerr2
Flag Filipe Albuquerque2
Flag Loïc Duval2
Flag Oliver Jarvis2
18.Flag Robert Doornbos1
Flag Enrico Toccacelo1
Flag James Hinchcliffe1

Pole positions

1.Flag Neel Jani10
2.Flag Adam Carroll6
3.Flag Adrian Zaugg5
4.Flag Robbie Kerr4
Flag Jonny Reid4
Flag Jeroen Bleekemolen4
7.Flag Nico Hülkenberg3
8.Flag Alexandre Prémat2
Flag Robert Wickens2
Flag Loïc Duval2
Flag Nicolas Lapierre2
Flag Alex Yoong2
Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.2
14.Flag Narain Karthikeyan1
Flag Michael Ammermüller1
Flag Salvador Durán1
Flag Clivio Piccione1
Flag Robert Doornbos1
Flag Danny Watts1
Flag Vitantonio Liuzzi1

Race starts

1.Flag Neel Jani60
2.Flag Alex Yoong54
3.Flag Jeroen Bleekemolen47
4.Flag Robbie Kerr46
5.Flag Adrian Zaugg44
Flag Salvador Durán44
7.Flag Ananda Mikola40
Flag Enrico Toccacelo40
Flag Narain Karthikeyan40
10.Flag Jonny Reid38
Flag Tomas Enge38
12.Flag Franky Cheng Congfu36
13.Flag Adam Langley-Khan34
14.Flag Adam Carroll32
15.Flag Adil Satryaguna Hermanto30
16.Flag Álvaro Parente26
Flag Matt Halliday26
Flag John Martin26
Flag Loïc Duval26
20.Flag Jonathan Summerton24

Race win percentage

1.Flag Alexandre Prémat63.6%
2.Flag Nico Hülkenberg45%
3.Flag Nicolas Lapierre26.1%
4.Flag Robert Doornbos20%
5.Flag Adam Carroll18.8%
6.Flag Jonny Reid18.4%
7.Flag Neel Jani16.7%
8.Flag Oliver Jarvis14.3%
Flag Nelson Piquet Jr.14.3%
10.Flag Christian Vietoris12.5%
11.Flag Loïc Duval7.7%
12.Flag Alex Yoong7.4%
13.Flag Robert Wickens7.1%
14.Flag Adrian Zaugg6.8%
15.Flag Robbie Kerr6.5%
16.Flag Michael Ammermüller5.6%
17.Flag Narain Karthikeyan5%
18.Flag Mohamed Fairuz Fauzy4.6%
Flag Salvador Durán4.6%
Flag Jos Verstappen4.6%
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