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World of Outlaws - Sprintcar 1981 standings

Championship points standings for the World of Outlaws - Sprintcar 1981

Most race winsFlag Sammy Swindell
Most podium positionsFlag Sammy Swindell

Nationality of participating drivers

98.6%U.S.A.Flag Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell, Jeff Swindell, Ron Shuman, Jimmy Sills, Doug Wolfgang, Rick Ferkel, Danny Smith, Bobby Allen, Tim Green, Bobby Davis Jr, Ed Polich, Lealand McSpadden, Lee James, Bobby Geldner, Bobby Marshall, Lee Osborne, Eddie Leavitt, Fred Linder, Randy Smith, Jan Opperman, Willie Rice, Larry Martin, Jack Hewitt, George Harbour, Kerry Norris, Ron Dorsett, Tony Solomitto, Greg Staab, Danny Milburn, Jim Shampine, Jac Haudenschild, Paul Kline, Steve Smith, Kevin Collins, Keith Kauffman, Kenny Jacobs, Jimmy Horton, Kramer Williamson, Johnny Beaber, Van May, Scott Tobias, Larry Snellbaker, Rodney Payne, Brian Seidel, Steve Yodock, Gary Krout, Cris Criswell, Bobby Weaver, Barry Camp, Ed Lynch Sr, Jim Nance, Dave Kenny, Jack Crawford, George Ferguson, Brad Doty, Scott Ausherman, Randy Ford, Dave Wickham, Dave Leckonby, Fran Hogue, George Bischoff, Jerry Matus, Buck Buckley, Gary Wright, Gary Scott, David Brown, Richard Lupo68
1.4%CanadaFlag Tim Gee1

Individual driver statistics for the 1981 World of Outlaws - Sprintcar

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, BobbyFlag 37 y/o6000
Ausherman, ScottFlag 24 y/o1000
Beaber, JohnnyFlag 28 y/o1000
Bischoff, GeorgeFlag n/a1000
Brown, DavidFlag n/a10000
Buckley, BuckFlag n/a1000
Camp, BarryFlag n/a1000
Collins, KevinFlag n/a1000
Crawford, JackFlag n/a1000
Criswell, CrisFlag n/a1000
Davis Jr, BobbyFlag 18 y/o5000
Dorsett, RonFlag n/a1000
Doty, BradFlag 23 y/o20000
Ferguson, GeorgeFlag n/a1000
Ferkel, RickFlag 42 y/o60110
Ford, RandyFlag n/a1000
Gee, TimFlag 24 y/o000
Geldner, BobbyFlag n/a3000
Green, TimFlag 25 y/o5000
Harbour, GeorgeFlag n/a1000
Haudenschild, JacFlag 23 y/o1000
Hewitt, JackFlag 29 y/o0
Hogue, FranFlag n/a20000
Horton, JimmyFlag 24 y/o20000
Jacobs, KennyFlag 26 y/o1000
James, LeeFlag n/a3000
Kauffman, KeithFlag 31 y/o20000
Kenny, DaveFlag n/a1000
Kinser, SteveFlag 27 y/o7024290
Kline, PaulFlag n/a1000
Krout, GaryFlag n/a1000
Leavitt, EddieFlag 38 y/o2500
Leckonby, DaveFlag 26 y/o1000
Linder, FredFlag n/a2200
Lupo, RichardFlag n/a10000
Lynch Sr, EdFlag 46 y/o1000
Marshall, BobbyFlag 28 y/o2700
Martin, LarryFlag n/a1000
Matus, JerryFlag 42 y/o1000
May, VanFlag n/a1000
McSpadden, LealandFlag 34 y/o3500
Milburn, DannyFlag 32 y/o1000
Nance, JimFlag n/a1000
Norris, KerryFlag n/a000
Opperman, JanFlag 42 y/o100
Osborne, LeeFlag n/a27120
Payne, RodneyFlag n/a1000
Polich, EdFlag n/a5000
Rice, WillieFlag n/a100
Scott, GaryFlag n/a1110
Seidel, BrianFlag n/a1000
Shampine, JimFlag n/a1000
Shuman, RonFlag 28 y/o20220
Sills, JimmyFlag 28 y/o20110
Smith, DannyFlag 24 y/o60250
Smith, RandyFlag 26 y/o20000
Smith, SteveFlag 34 y/o1000
Snellbaker, LarryFlag 43 y/o1000
Solomitto, TonyFlag n/a1000
Staab, GregFlag 32 y/o1000
Swindell, JeffFlag 20 y/o5000
Swindell, SammyFlag 25 y/o7031360
Tobias, ScottFlag n/a20000
Weaver, BobbyFlag n/a1000
Wickham, DaveFlag n/a1000
Williamson, KramerFlag 31 y/o1000
Wolfgang, DougFlag 28 y/o7024300
Wright, GaryFlag 22 y/o4000
Yodock, SteveFlag n/a1000
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