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World Championship Formula K 1991 standings

Race results for World Championship Formula K 1991

1.Flag Jarno TrulliAllkart (Parilla)
2.Flag Massimiliano OrsiniTony Kart (Rotax)
3.Flag Kenneth KristensenCRG (Rotax)
4.Flag Female Charlotte HellbergSwiss Hutless (Rotax)
5.Flag Donny CrevelsTony Kart (Rotax)
6.Flag Gert MunkholmTony Kart (Atomic)
7.Flag Fabiano BellettiAllkart (Parilla)
9.Flag René BollingtoftHaase (Rotax)
10.Flag Jon TargettTop Kart (Comer)
11.Flag Jean-Jacques MalevautHaase (Refo)
12.Flag Gianluca BeggioCRG (Rotax)
13.Flag Jan Erik LöfgrenCRG (Atomik)
14.Flag Pierre RedekerDino (Rotax)
15.Flag Max BusslingerMerlin (Atomik)
16.Flag Eddy CoubardSodikart (Rotax)
17.Flag Olivier GoldsteinCRG (Rotax)
18.Flag Toranosuke TakagiDAP (Rotax)
19.Flag Alessandro PicciniBirel (Rotax)
20.Flag Kjell ZetterströmCRG (Rotax)
21.Flag Cyril KotylakSwiss HutlessSwiss Hutless (Rotax)
22.Flag Ludovic BaetzCRG (Rotax)
23.Flag Bobby GameAllkart (Parilla)
24.Flag Christophe VassortTony Kart (Rotax)
25.Flag Danilo RossiCRG (Rotax)
26.Flag Tokiyuki OtakeDAP (Rotax)
27.Flag Patrick CrinelliTony Kart (Rotax)
28.Flag Teruaki MatsukuraPCR
29.Flag Eric SidlerCRG (PCR)
30.Flag Giancarlo FisichellaPCR
31.Flag Masaki JyonaiSwiss Hutless (Rotax)
32.Flag Tsuyoshi TakahashiBirel (Rotax)
33.Flag Jos VerstappenTecno (Rotax)
34.Flag Emmanuel CollardCRG (Parilla)
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