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World Championship Formula C 1990 standings

Race results for World Championship Formula C 1990

1.Flag Alessandro PicciniBirel (Pavesi)
2.Flag Donato CicconettiPavesi (Birel)
3.Flag Gianluca PaglicciKali
4.Flag Jean VatatPavesi (DAP)
5.Flag Roberto NinzoliTM (Kali)
6.Flag Domenico GagliardiPavesi (All-Kart)
7.Flag Patrice MichTM (Birel)
8.Flag Alain ColinKZH (Mach-1)
9.Flag Gianni MazzolaBalen (Birel)
10.Flag Andreas SiemensTM (Birel)
11.Flag Pierluigi MelliniTM (Kali)
12.Flag Dominique TiercelinRotax (Dino)
13.Flag John DaalenTM (All-Kart)
14.Flag Louison le CoadouPavesi (All-Kart)
15.Flag Johan GoffinsKali
16.Flag Mathias TisellPavesi (PCR)
17.Flag András BakosKZH (Mach-1)
18.Flag Co. DekkerTM (All-Kart)
19.Flag Riccardo TarabelliPavesi (Tony Kart)
20.Flag Rainer BeuleRotax (Dino)
21.Flag Fredrik JohanssonKZH (Mach-1)
22.Flag Milan SimakTM (Ms Kart)
23.Flag Magnus GustavssonKZH (Mach-1)
24.Flag Fredrik WallbergPavesi (All-Kart)
25.Flag Mats PerssonPavesi (Tony Kart)
26.Flag Peter RydellPavesi (All-Kart)
27.Flag Guy KozlinskiPavesi (Nissag)
28.Flag Pietro SassiPavesi (Birel)
29.Flag Niklas BlombergPavesi (All-Kart)
30.Flag Jörg LangenbachPavesi (Kali)
31.Flag Giancarlo MasottoPavesi (Tony Kart)
32.Flag Mike HezemansTony Kart (Rotax)
33.Flag Alessandro OttavianiPavesi (All-Kart)
34.Flag Alessandro DonatiTM (Tony Kart)
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