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World Championship Formula A 2005 standings

Race results for World Championship Formula A 2005

1.Flag Oliver OakesPDB Racing TeamGillard (Parilla)
2.Flag Jon LancasterBirel MotorsportBirel (TM)
3.Flag Davide ForèTony Kart Racing TeamTony Kart (Vortex)
4.Flag Jules BianchiMaranello KartMaranello (Parilla)
5.Flag Jérémy IglesiasKosmic Racing DeptKosmic (Vortex)
6.Flag Nikolaj BollingtoftParolin MotorsportParolin (TM)
7.Flag Edoardo MortaraTony Kart Racing TeamTony Kart (Vortex)
8.Flag Valtteri BottasPDB Racing TeamGillard (Parilla)
9.Flag Randy BakkerSwiss Hutless InternationalSwiss Hutless (Vortex)
10.Flag Alban VaruttiSwiss Hutless InternationalSwiss Hutless (Vortex)
11.Flag Manuel RenaudieSwiss Hutless InternationalSwiss Hutless (Vortex)
12.Flag Naoki YamamotoTony Kart Racing TeamTony Kart (Vortex)
13.Flag Aki RaskComerTop Kart (Comer)
14.Flag Gabriel DiasMGM RacingBirel (Parilla)
15.Flag Nelson PanciaticiSodikartSodi (TM)
16.Flag Antoine CassaignesIntrepid (TM)
17.Flag Aleksi MustonenPDB Racing TeamGillard (Parilla)
18.Flag Mark LitchfieldPF International KartingBirel (TM)
19.Flag Marco ArdigòTony Kart Racing TeamTony Kart Racer EVS (Vortex)
20.Flag James MillerK.C. SambréaSwiss Hutless (Vortex)
21.Flag Glenn KeyaertCRG VDKCRG (Parilla)
22.Flag Gary CattTony Kart Racing TeamTony Kart (Vortex)
23.Flag Sauro CesettiBirel MotorsportBirel (TM)
24.Flag Leonardo CortiPCRPCR
25.Flag Hiroshi UmegakiBirel MotorsportBirel (TM)
26.Flag Helmut SandenDR SrlCRG (Maxter)
27.Flag Henki WaldschmidtIntrepid Kart TechnologyIntrepid (TM)
28.Flag Riki ChristodoulouMGM RacingBirel (TM)
29.Flag Jonathan ThononCRG SpACRG (Maxter)
30.Flag Sérgio JimenezMGM RacingBirel (Parilla)
31.Flag Miguel MolinaIntrepid Kart TechnologyIntrepid (TM)
32.Flag Martin PlowmanChiesa CorsaCRG (Parilla)
33.Flag Arnaud KozlinskiSodikartSodi (TM)
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