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World Championship Formula A 1998 standings

Race results for World Championship Formula A 1998

1.Flag Ruben CarrapatosoTony Kart (Vortex)
2.Flag Marino SpinozziTony Kart (Vortex)
3.Flag André NicastroSwiss Hutless (Italsistem)
4.Flag Tristan te PasTony Kart (Vortex)
5.Flag César CampaniçoCRG
6.Flag Bruno VroomenFullerton (CRG)
7.Flag Steve MoliniItalcorse (Italsistem)
8.Flag Felipe SilvaCRG
9.Flag Antti OllikainenPCR
10.Flag André ScheideggerSwiss Hutless (Italsistem)
11.Flag Johan BesnaultSodikart (Rotax)
12.Flag Riko FürtbauerCRG (Rotax)
13.Flag Takahide SugiyamaTony Kart (Vortex)
14.Flag Nelson van der PolTony Kart (Vortex)
15.Flag Oscar PalmTony Kart (Vortex)
16.Flag Santiago PorteiroDracart (CRG)
17.Flag Andrea BonettiCRG (Stark)
18.Flag Morris ArdellGP (Rotax)
19.Flag Carlo AvilaPCR
20.Flag Caio TravagliniMike 6 (Parilla)
21.Flag Júlio CamposMike 6 (Parilla)
22.Flag Michaël RossiParolin (Vortex)
23.Flag Niklas PeterssonPCR
24.Flag Luca ScarciaJolly Kart (Rotax)
25.Flag Jarkko VenäläinenBiesse (Rotax)
26.Flag Fernando AlonsoMike 6 (Parilla)
27.Flag Patrick LongCRG
28.Flag Ryan BriscoeCRG
29.Flag Mirko VenturiKosmic (Vortex)
30.Flag Joël CamathiasItalcorse (Italsistem)
31.Flag Tom van BavelCRG
32.Flag Ronnie BremerBirel (PCR-ATK)
33.Flag Alessandro VitacolonnaTony Kart (Vortex)
34.Flag Ludovic VeveTop Kart (Parilla)
Flag Carlos Fonseca
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