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World Championship Formula A 1991 standings

Race results for World Championship Formula A 1991

1.Flag Alessandro ManettiTony Kart (Rotax)
2.Flag Guy SmithCRG (Rotax)
3.Flag João BarbosaMerlin (Atomik)
4.Flag Gianluca MalandrucoCRG (Rotax)
5.Flag Johnny MislijevicSwiss Hutless (Rotax)
6.Flag Ralph Firman jr.Tony Kart (Rotax)
7.Flag Geoffrey HorionTony Kart (Rotax)
8.Flag Kurt MollekensTony Kart (Rotax)
9.Flag Female Sophie Kumpen
10.Flag Didier André
11.Flag Sébastien Philippe
12.Flag Cesare Balistreri
13.Flag Pascal Lecomte
14.Flag Franck Talon
15.Flag Marc Koster
16.Flag Beat Kolb
17.Flag Jeremy Dussaud
18.Flag Bruno Lucotte
19.Flag Jan Kukkasniemi
20.Flag Mika Tiikkainen
21.Flag Bas LeindersGKSTecno (Rotax)
22.Flag Peter Hellberg
23.Flag Milton Ryttarbris
24.Flag Arnd Meier
25.Flag Henk van de Riet
26.Flag Daniele Parrilla
27.Flag Frederic Spirgel
28.Flag Magne Thunem
29.Flag Pietro Antonelli
30.Flag Felipe Giaffone
31.Flag Arnaud Duprey
32.Flag Daniel Liddle
33.Flag Patrick Roujou
34.Flag Tomas Henriksson
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