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Valvoline Winton 300 2013 standings

Race results for Valvoline Winton 300 2013

1.Flag Nicholas CancianCooler RefrigerationMazda MX5
Fastest lap
1.Flag Robert HayCooler RefrigerationMazda MX5
2.Flag Jason CollinsFuture Racer (Yamaha)
2.Flag Chad CottonFuture Racer (Yamaha)
3.Flag Jake ShelleyMitsubishi Lancer RS Evolution IX
3.Flag Steve ShelleyMitsubishi Lancer RS Evolution IX
4.Flag Mark MackaySkelta G-Force (Honda)
4.Flag Ray VanderseeSkelta G-Force (Honda)
5.Flag Daniel KapetanovicBMW 328i
5.Flag Daniel SugdenBMW 328i
6.Flag Richard AllenBMW M Coupe
6.Flag Matthias HerbersteinBMW M Coupe
7.Flag Female Linda DevlinMini Cooper S (BMW)
7.Flag Henry DraperMini Cooper S (BMW)
8.Flag Andy HarrisDeckspeed RacingMazda MX5
8.Flag Greg QuinceDeckspeed RacingMazda MX5
9.Flag Daniel DeckersDeckspeed RacingMazda MX5
9.Flag Luke OttenDeckspeed RacingMazda MX5
10.Flag Michael CaineMazda MX5
10.Flag Michael HallMazda MX5
11.Flag Scott AndrewsBMW 325i
11.Flag Glenn KennedayBMW 325i
12.Flag Brian BourkeBMW 325i
12.Flag Brad RodwellBMW 325i
13.Flag Paul BattenFuture Racer (Yamaha)
13.Flag Chris ClearihanFuture Racer (Yamaha)
14.Flag David LevyBMW 325i
14.Flag Gary PearceBMW 325i
15.Flag Lachlan HigginsMitsubishi Lancer RS Evolution IX
15.Flag Martin HigginsMitsubishi Lancer RS Evolution IX
16.Flag David VinerTarga RacingMazda MX5
16.Flag Rob VinerTarga RacingMazda MX5
17.Flag Nick LeontsinisTarga RacingMazda MX5
17.Flag Andrew PainterTarga RacingMazda MX5
17.Flag Christopher RomanoTarga RacingMazda MX5
18.Flag Tony BonannoTarga RacingBMW M Coupe
18.Flag Brian FerrabeeTarga RacingBMW M Coupe
19.Flag Anthony D'AnnaBMW 325i
19.Flag Female Julie ShowersBMW 325i
20.Flag Female Meg CarraFord BF Falcon XR8
20.Flag Carl LudemanFord BF Falcon XR8
21.Flag Peter LaceyMazda MX5
21.Flag Female Robin LaceyMazda MX5
22.Flag Matthew ButtersMazda MX5
22.Flag Scott SayersMazda MX5
23.Flag Ray KwongBMW 325i
23.Flag David StillwellBMW 325i
24.Flag Kim BoydBMW 325i
24.Flag Scott TrainerBMW 325i
25.Flag Dereck CrookNissan Skyline GT-R
25.Flag Thomas McCreadyNissan Skyline GT-R
26.Flag Anthony CarterTarga RacingBMW 130i
26.Flag Paul ShackladyTarga RacingBMW 130i
27.Flag Stephen HarrisonMazda MX5
27.Flag Corey WaltonMazda MX5
28.Flag Phil PorteaTampered MotorsportBMW 325i
28.Flag Chris WaltonTampered MotorsportBMW 325i
29.Flag Colin ContessaMazda MX5
29.Flag Michael StipoMazda MX5
30.Flag Alex Del SolarHyundai Sonata
30.Flag Leigh NewtonHyundai Sonata
Flag Phil AlexanderNissan Pulsar
Flag Brian AndersonTarga RacingBMW M3
Flag Jamie AugustineDatsun 1200 turbo
Flag Adam BurgessMazda RX-7
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Flag Craig BurgessMazda RX-7
Nissan Skyline GT-R

Flag Amin ChahdaFord BA Falcon
Flag Matt ChahdaFord BA Falcon
Flag Mark DefanisDatsun 1200 turbo
Flag David FalveyBMW M3
Flag Richard FiskerMazda MX5
Flag Daniel FlanaganHSV Clubsport R8
Flag Nathan GeierBMW M3-R
Flag Carl GibbsMitsubishi Starion
Flag Des GibbsMitsubishi Starion
Flag Steven HeadMazda MX5
Flag Graeme HeathNissan Pulsar
Flag Joshua HeathMazda MX5
Flag Lou IezziMazda MX5
Flag Nathan JessFuture Racer (Suzuki)
Pole position
Flag Keith KassulkeBMW M3
Flag Simon MitchellBMW 325i
Flag Steve MurrayHolden VN Commodore
Flag Terry NightingaleTarga RacingBMW M3
Flag Shane OttenMazda MX5
Flag Glen PotterBMW 325i
Flag David RaddatzMazda MX5
Flag Daniel ReynoldsMazda MX5
Flag Adam RonkeTampered MotorsportMazda RX-7
Flag Jim SharplesHSV Clubsport R8
Flag Warren SheehanTampered MotorsportMazda RX-7
Flag Phillip ShowersBMW M3-R
Flag Sam SilvestroMazda MX5
Flag Anthony SooleLotus Elise (Toyota)
Flag Matthew StubbsMazda MX5
Flag Greg TaskerMazda MX5
Flag Matthew ThompsonFuture Racer (Suzuki)
Flag Glenn TownsendLotus Elise (Toyota)
Flag Daniel van der HeydenHolden VN Commodore
Flag Ethan WilsonFord AU Falcon
Flag Ross WilsonFord AU Falcon
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