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Winton 300 2011 standings

Race results for Winton 300 2011

1.Flag Shane OttenMazda MX5
1.Flag David RaddatzMazda MX5
2.Flag Jake ShelleyMazda MX5
2.Flag Steve ShelleyMazda MX5
3.Flag Matthew HoltHSV VE GTS
3.Flag Brett HowardHSV VE GTS
4.Flag Nathan JessFuture Racer (Yamaha)
4.Flag Matthew ThompsonFuture Racer (Yamaha)
5.Flag Brett KayMazda RX-3
5.Flag Dean LindstromMazda RX-3
6.Flag Graeme BellBMW 325i
6.Flag Sean BellBMW 325i
7.Flag Lou RenatoVolvo S40
7.Flag Richard RenatoVolvo S40
8.Flag Berry CampbellMazda MX5
8.Flag Luke OttenMazda MX5
9.Flag Michael HallMazda MX5
9.Flag Steven HeadMazda MX5
10.Flag Neil AndersonBMW 325i
10.Flag Gary PearceBMW 325i
11.Flag John AngiolellaBMW 325i
11.Flag Simon LyneBMW 325i
12.Flag Daniel FlanaganProton Satria GTi
12.Flag Shane TannerProton Satria GTi
13.Flag Paul KertesBMW 325i
13.Flag Alan SaintBMW 325i
14.Flag Female Linda DevlinMini Cooper S JCW (BMW)
14.Flag Henry DraperMini Cooper S JCW (BMW)
15.Flag Geoff BowlesBMW 325i
15.Flag Jarrod BowlesBMW 325i
16.Flag Luke MannixFord EF Falcon
16.Flag Stephen McKimmieFord EF Falcon
17.Flag Ian CowleyHolden VN Commodore
17.Flag Tony HeaslyHolden VN Commodore
18.Flag Female Meg CarraFord AU Falcon
18.Flag George PapageorgiouFord AU Falcon
19.Flag Steve MurrayHolden VN Commodore
19.Flag Daniel van der HeydenHolden VN Commodore
20.Flag Terry NightingaleMazda MX5
20.Flag Phil PorteaMazda MX5
21.Flag Blair CoullFord Telstar
21.Flag Rod WilsonFord Telstar
Flag Stephen AnslowMazda RX-7
Pole position
Fastest lap
Flag Stan ArmstrongMazda MX5
Flag Jamie AugustineMazda MX5
Flag Chris BellingHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag R. BranneBMW 325i
Flag Nicholas CancianMazda MX5
Flag Mark DefanisMazda MX5
Flag Jack ElsegoodFord BF Falcon Ute XR8
Flag Nathan GeierBMW 325i
Flag Robert HayMazda MX5
Flag Declan KirkhamFord TF Cortina
Flag Merrick MaloufFord Falcon Ute XR8
Flag Daryl MartinFord TF Cortina
Flag Hayden PullenMazda RX-7
Flag Roland RohrleMazda RX-7
Flag Adam RonkeMitsubishi Lancer Evo
Flag Warren SheehanMitsubishi Lancer Evo
Flag Female Julie ShowersBMW 325i
Flag Jason SparksHolden HQ Kingswood
Flag Ross WoodMazda RX-7
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