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Winston Racing Series Sunbelt Region 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the Winston Racing Series Sunbelt Region 2001

Most race winsFlag Brandon Bendele

Nationality of participating drivers

97.8%U.S.A.Flag Kyle Busch, Brandon Bendele, Jerry Williams, Carl Trimmer, Norman Uptain Jr., Bobby Oglesby, David Lafleur, Jason Allen, Terry Breese, Steve Whitener, Ron Norman, Larry Hunter, Robert Barker, Steve Anderson, Kent Strickland, Eric Platt, Keith Strother, Ron Daniels, Norman Uptain, Sr., Michael Buckner, Ray Hooper, Jr., J.R. Fanelli, David Browning, Donny Horelka, Sean Graham, Donnie Bazemore, Jack Moore, Kevin Ray, Chuck Wares, Keith Mancil, Mike Balzer, Bennie Saiz, Chuck Chitty, Bill Newman, James Norris, Rod Wright, Steve Grooms, John Foley, Butch Reid, Mark Davis, Ronnie Smith, Charles Nash, Allan MacCurrach, Dan Radcliffe44
2.2%GermanyFlag Roland Ziegler1

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 Winston Racing Series Sunbelt Region

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, JasonFlag n/a182
Anderson, SteveFlag n/a180
Balzer, MikeFlag n/a180
Barker, RobertFlag n/a182
Bazemore, DonnieFlag n/a212
Bendele, BrandonFlag 26 y/o1815
Breese, TerryFlag n/a186
Browning, DavidFlag n/a204
Buckner, MichaelFlag n/a184
Busch, KyleFlag 16 y/o1510
Chitty, ChuckFlag n/a201
Daniels, RonFlag n/a182
Davis, MarkFlag n/a213
Fanelli, J.R.Flag n/a182
Foley, JohnFlag n/a193
Graham, SeanFlag n/a182
Grooms, SteveFlag n/a140
Hooper, Jr., RayFlag n/a180
Horelka, DonnyFlag n/a180
Hunter, LarryFlag n/a185
Lafleur, DavidFlag n/a187
MacCurrach, AllanFlag n/a210
Mancil, KeithFlag n/a167
Moore, JackFlag n/a180
Nash, CharlesFlag n/a180
Newman, BillFlag n/a180
Norman, RonFlag 32 y/o194
Norris, JamesFlag n/a210
Oglesby, BobbyFlag n/a217
Platt, EricFlag n/a215
Radcliffe, DanFlag n/a140
Ray, KevinFlag n/a170
Reid, ButchFlag n/a182
Saiz, BennieFlag n/a180
Smith, RonnieFlag n/a180
Strickland, KentFlag n/a213
Strother, KeithFlag n/a182
Trimmer, CarlFlag n/a195
Uptain Jr., NormanFlag n/a181
Uptain, Sr., NormanFlag n/a1810
Wares, ChuckFlag n/a192
Whitener, SteveFlag n/a225
Williams, JerryFlag n/a1813
Wright, RodFlag n/a140
Ziegler, RolandFlag n/a120
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