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Western Springs Speedway - Midgets 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Western Springs Speedway - Midgets 2009

Most race winsFlag Michael Pickens
Most podium positionsFlag Brad Mosen
Flag Michael Pickens
Most podium positions without a winFlag Carl Worboys
Most fastest race lapsFlag Michael Pickens

Nationality of participating drivers

100%New ZealandFlag Brad Mosen, Scott Buckley, Carl Worboys, Mark Oudney, Graham Standring, Bill Clarkson Jr, Chris McCutcheon, Shaun Insley, Tony Fabish, Wayne Green, Jason Bunney, Dave Gick, Andrew Stewart, Angus McLeod, Nick James, Mark Mullins, Dave Harding, Gavin Elbers, Shayne Alach, Michael Kendall, Michael Pickens, Michael Brunt, Nevan Bowman, Craig Atchison, Rob Atchison, Alvin Cobb, Lance Beale, Nathan Iles, Simon Longdill, Warwick Keene, Lance Fox, Jason Bunyan, Pam Shanley, Craig Steinbring, Jessie Porter, Stuart McGough, Trewren Joine, Joe Malone38

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Western Springs Speedway - Midgets

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alach, ShayneFlag n/a60101
Atchison, CraigFlag n/a30000
Atchison, RobFlag n/a30000
Beale, LanceFlag n/a60101
Bowman, NevanFlag n/a20000
Brunt, MichaelFlag n/a50100
Buckley, ScottFlag n/a61200
Bunney, JasonFlag n/a40000
Bunyan, JasonFlag n/a20000
Clarkson Jr, BillFlag n/a60000
Cobb, AlvinFlag n/a40000
Elbers, GavinFlag n/a20000
Fabish, TonyFlag n/a60000
Fox, LanceFlag n/a30000
Gick, DaveFlag n/a60000
Green, WayneFlag n/a60000
Harding, DaveFlag n/a60000
Iles, NathanFlag n/a10000
Insley, ShaunFlag n/a60000
James, NickFlag n/a60000
Joine, TrewrenFlag n/a10000
Keene, WarwickFlag n/a00000
Kendall, MichaelFlag n/a60000
Longdill, SimonFlag n/a00000
Malone, JoeFlag n/a30000
McCutcheon, ChrisFlag n/a60000
McGough, StuartFlag n/a20000
McLeod, AngusFlag n/a60000
Mosen, BradFlag 21 y/o51401
Mullins, MarkFlag n/a50000
Oudney, MarkFlag n/a50000
Pickens, MichaelFlag 26 y/o64403
Porter, JessieFlag n/a10000
Shanley, PamFlag n/a50000
Standring, GrahamFlag 53 y/o60200
Steinbring, CraigFlag n/a20000
Stewart, AndrewFlag n/a50000
Worboys, CarlFlag n/a60300
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