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Western Springs Speedway - International Midget Series 2006 standings

Championship points standings for the Western Springs Speedway - International Midget Series 2006

Most race winsFlag Michael Pickens
Flag Danny Stratton
Flag Scott Hatton
Flag Davey Ray
Most podium positionsFlag Brad Mosen
Flag Scott Hatton
Flag Mark Brown
Most podium positions without a winFlag Brad Mosen
Flag Mark Brown

Nationality of participating drivers

82.5%New ZealandFlag Shaun Insley, Carl Worboys, Graham Standring, Tony Fabish, Michael Kendall, Steven Currie, Lance Beale, Nelson Hartley, Scott Buckley, Michael Brunt, Craig Jefferies, Wayne Green, Tim Malone, Bryce Townsend, Nevil Basalaj, Tony Josephs, Bradley Anstis, Michael Pickens, Warwick Keene, Matt Thompson, Simon Longdill, Calvin Worthington, Brock Barrie, Nick James, Gavin Elbers, Rob Atchison, Darryl Stitt, Bradley Tyrrell, Dave Harding, Andrew Stewart, Laurie Maber, Brad Mosen, Steve Grace33
10%AustraliaFlag Adam Clarke, Mark Brown, Brett Morris, Nathan Smee4
7.5%U.S.A.Flag Danny Stratton, Scott Hatton, Davey Ray3

Individual driver statistics for the 2006 Western Springs Speedway - International Midget Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Anstis, BradleyFlag n/a0
Atchison, RobFlag n/a0000
Barrie, BrockFlag n/a0
Basalaj, NevilFlag n/a0
Beale, LanceFlag n/a0
Brown, MarkFlag n/a2020
Brunt, MichaelFlag n/a0
Buckley, ScottFlag n/a0
Clarke, AdamFlag 31 y/o0
Currie, StevenFlag n/a1010
Elbers, GavinFlag n/a0
Fabish, TonyFlag n/a0
Grace, SteveFlag n/a0000
Green, WayneFlag n/a0
Harding, DaveFlag n/a0000
Hartley, NelsonFlag 20 y/o0
Hatton, ScottFlag n/a2120
Insley, ShaunFlag n/a0
James, NickFlag n/a0
Jefferies, CraigFlag n/a0
Josephs, TonyFlag n/a0
Keene, WarwickFlag n/a0
Kendall, MichaelFlag n/a0
Longdill, SimonFlag n/a0
Maber, LaurieFlag n/a0000
Malone, TimFlag n/a0
Morris, BrettFlag n/a0000
Mosen, BradFlag 18 y/o2020
Pickens, MichaelFlag 23 y/o1110
Ray, DaveyFlag 27 y/o1110
Smee, NathanFlag n/a0000
Standring, GrahamFlag 50 y/o0
Stewart, AndrewFlag n/a0
Stitt, DarrylFlag n/a0000
Stratton, DannyFlag n/a1110
Thompson, MattFlag n/a0
Townsend, BryceFlag 38 y/o0
Tyrrell, BradleyFlag n/a0000
Worboys, CarlFlag n/a1010
Worthington, CalvinFlag n/a0000
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