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Wakefield Park SuperTT / MX-5 One Hour 2018 standings

Race results for Wakefield Park SuperTT / MX-5 One Hour 2018

1.Flag Jimmy TranBYP RacingHonda CivicHonda 2.4
Fastest lap
2.Flag Todd HerringHerring RacingMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
Pole position
3.Flag David LoftusRally SchoolMazda RX-8Chevrolet 5.7
3.Flag Female Jessica NicholsonRally SchoolMazda RX-8Chevrolet 5.7
4.Flag Tim HerringHerring RacingMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
5.Flag Parry AnastakisPeugeot 205 GTIPeugeot 1.9
6.Flag Julian BurkeBMW Z3 M CoupeBMW 3.2
7.Flag Dave MasingMitsubishi LancerMitsubishi 1.8
8.Flag Mark MorsilloOne Way RacingTriumph DolomiteRover 3.9 turbo
9.Flag Sam MaioNissan N14 PulsarNissan 2.0
10.Flag David MillerMazda 800Mazda 1.3
11.Flag Anthony ColombritaNissan N15 PulsarNissan 2.0
11.Flag Timothy ColombritaNissan N15 PulsarNissan 2.0
12.Flag Greg BoyleAutosport EngineeringSubaru Impreza WRX STiSubaru 2.0 turbo
12.Flag Andrew WilsonAutosport EngineeringSubaru Impreza WRX STiSubaru 2.0 turbo
13.Flag Iain SalteriNissan N15 PulsarNissan 2.0
13.Flag Cem YucelNissan N15 PulsarNissan 2.0
14.Flag Troy DerwentNissan N15 PulsarNissan 1.6
14.Flag Troy HarrisonNissan N15 PulsarNissan 1.6
15.Flag Michael OsmondNissan N14 PulsarNissan 2.0
15.Flag Stuart RobertsonNissan N14 PulsarNissan 2.0
16.Flag Matthew JohnsonMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
16.Flag Terry JohnsonMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
17.Flag David BaileyBMW E36 320iBMW 1.9
18.Flag Paul NuddMazda MX-5Mazda 2.5
19.Flag Terry DenovanHolden VH CommodoreChevrolet 6.0
19.Flag John WalkerHolden VH CommodoreChevrolet 6.0
20.Flag Darren HarrisAlfa Romeo Alfetta GTVAlfa Romeo 2.0
21.Flag Jonathan AshleyMazda 808Mazda rotary
Flag Luc BottonMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
Flag Ben CathcartBen Cathcart Motor SportsMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
Flag Verne JohnsonHerring RacingMazda MX-5Mazda 1.8
Flag Alaine O'ConnorMazda MX-5Mazda 2.5
Flag Thomas PetrovichFull Gas RacingNissan N15 PulsarNissan 2.0
Flag Grant RobertsonHSV VX ClubsportChevrolet 5.7
Flag Nathan RourkeFord AU FalconFord 5.0
Flag Brendan ScotterMazda RX-7Mazda rotary
Flag Stephen WanHonda CivicHonda 2.4
Flag Elliot WrightOne Way RacingTriumph TR7Rover 5.2
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