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73rd Victorian Speedcar Championship 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the 73rd Victorian Speedcar Championship 2018

Most race winsFlag Travis Mills
Most podium positionsFlag Travis Mills
Flag Michael Stewart
Flag Troy Jenkins
Most podium positions without a winFlag Michael Stewart
Flag Troy Jenkins
Most fastest race lapsFlag Travis Mills

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Travis Mills, Michael Stewart, Troy Jenkins, Troy Ware, Reagan Angel, Todd Wigzell, Joe Lostitch, Ben Hall, Grant Patton, Chris Nankiville, Jack Day, Dillon Ghent, Brad Day, Robert Heard, Luke Ferguson, Brett Ireland, Nick Parker, Andy Pearce, Justin McMinn, Nick Rowe, Domain Ramsay, Ashley Booker, Adam Wallis, Toby Smith, Scott Doyle, Matt Jackson26

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 73rd Victorian Speedcar Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Angel, ReaganFlag n/a10000
Booker, AshleyFlag n/a10000
Day, BradFlag n/a10000
Day, JackFlag n/a10000
Doyle, ScottFlag n/a00000
Ferguson, LukeFlag n/a10000
Ghent, DillonFlag n/a10000
Hall, BenFlag n/a10000
Heard, RobertFlag n/a10000
Ireland, BrettFlag n/a10000
Jackson, MattFlag n/a10000
Jenkins, TroyFlag n/a10100
Lostitch, JoeFlag n/a10000
McMinn, JustinFlag n/a10000
Mills, TravisFlag n/a11101
Nankiville, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Parker, NickFlag 34 y/o10000
Patton, GrantFlag n/a10000
Pearce, AndyFlag n/a10000
Ramsay, DomainFlag 47 y/o10000
Rowe, NickFlag n/a10000
Smith, TobyFlag n/a10000
Stewart, MichaelFlag n/a10100
Wallis, AdamFlag 44 y/o10000
Ware, TroyFlag n/a10000
Wigzell, ToddFlag 36 y/o10000
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