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FF2000 Zetec Championship 2002 standings

Championship points standings for the FF2000 Zetec Championship 2002

Most race winsFlag Bryan Sellers
Most pole positionsFlag Bryan Sellers
Most podium positionsFlag Bryan Sellers
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jonathan Urlin
Most fastest race lapsFlag Bryan Sellers

Nationality of participating drivers

84.9%U.S.A.Flag Bryan Sellers, Jeffrey Jones, Lawson Aschenbach, Ricardo Imery, Andy Brumbaugh, Travis Irving, Anthony Massari, Tom Dyer, Scott Rubenzer, Matt Green, Matt McDonough, Jon Groom, James Gué, Bobby Wilson, Josh Schreiber, David Clarke, Scott Jenkins, Mike Andersen, Bob Perona, David Burkett, Kip Meeks, Ron Thomas, Kyle Burts, Scott Dick, Michael Floyd, Chris Dona, Doug Smith, Stephen Thomson, Jeff Sakowicz, Jeff Kowalik, Dick Rose, Andrew Prendeville, Dennis Macchio, Ira Fierberg, Peter Knudson III, Joel Nelson, Bernardo Martinez, Ian Lacy, Doug Prendeville, Craig Baltzer, Eric Langbein, Chas Shaffer, John Levy, Barry Haynie, Ross Fonferko45
7.5%CanadaFlag Sean McIntosh, Mark Wilkins, Jonathan Urlin, Edouard Aube4
1.9%UnknownFlag Anderson Chu1
1.9%Great BritainFlag Peter West1
1.9%VenezuelaFlag Luis Schiavo1
1.9%EstoniaFlag Tonis Kasemets1

Individual driver statistics for the 2002 FF2000 Zetec Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Andersen, MikeFlag n/a10000
Aschenbach, LawsonFlag 18 y/o142222
Aube, EdouardFlag n/a140000
Baltzer, CraigFlag n/a20100
Brumbaugh, AndyFlag n/a140100
Burkett, DavidFlag n/a20000
Burts, KyleFlag n/a
Chu, AndersonFlag n/a
Clarke, DavidFlag n/a60000
Dick, ScottFlag n/a
Dona, ChrisFlag 27 y/o
Dyer, TomFlag 27 y/o91100
Fierberg, IraFlag 40 y/o20000
Floyd, MichaelFlag n/a
Fonferko, RossFlag 20 y/o21201
Green, MattFlag n/a60100
Groom, JonFlag n/a100000
Gué, JamesFlag 20 y/o70000
Haynie, BarryFlag n/a
Imery, RicardoFlag 26 y/o120100
Irving, TravisFlag n/a140100
Jenkins, ScottFlag 19 y/o20000
Jones, JeffreyFlag 20 y/o141811
Kasemets, TonisFlag 28 y/o121500
Knudson III, PeterFlag 19 y/o20000
Kowalik, JeffFlag n/a
Lacy, IanFlag n/a10000
Langbein, EricFlag n/a
Levy, JohnFlag n/a
Macchio, DennisFlag 49 y/o4000
Martinez, BernardoFlag n/a20000
Massari, AnthonyFlag 23 y/o100101
McDonough, MattFlag n/a50100
McIntosh, SeanFlag 17 y/o140220
Meeks, KipFlag n/a
Nelson, JoelFlag 20 y/o20000
Perona, BobFlag n/a30000
Prendeville, AndrewFlag 20 y/o40000
Prendeville, DougFlag 23 y/o20000
Rose, DickFlag n/a
Rubenzer, ScottFlag n/a110000
Sakowicz, JeffFlag n/a
Schiavo, LuisFlag 20 y/o80000
Schreiber, JoshFlag n/a40000
Sellers, BryanFlag 19 y/o1481089
Shaffer, ChasFlag n/a
Smith, DougFlag n/a
Thomas, RonFlag n/a
Thomson, StephenFlag n/a20000
Urlin, JonathanFlag 20 y/o140410
West, PeterFlag 52 y/o
Wilkins, MarkFlag 19 y/o140100
Wilson, BobbyFlag 20 y/o30000
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