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US F2000 National Championship Presented by Speedvision 2001 standings

Championship points standings for the US F2000 National Championship Presented by Speedvision 2001

Most race winsFlag Billy Asaro
Flag Tonis Kasemets
Most pole positionsFlag Tonis Kasemets
Most podium positionsFlag Billy Asaro
Most podium positions without a winFlag Peter Gray
Most fastest race lapsFlag Tonis Kasemets

Nationality of participating drivers

64.3%U.S.A.Flag Michael Potekhen, Tom Dyer, Tommy Constantine, Jeff Harrison, Paul Dana, Alex Figge, Niki Coello, Mike Williams, Bryan Sellers, Kyle Burts, Bernardo Martinez, Carl Russo, Mike Andersen, Doug DeCosta, David Bleke, Travis Irving, Matt Green, Kasey Kahne, Rich Zober, Mark Dismore, Ira Fierberg, Ken Reinders, Scott Dick, Joe Tesone, Ross Fonferko, Robby Mott, Ken Dromm27
11.9%CanadaFlag Jason LaPoint, Billy Asaro, Marc-Antoine Camirand, Jonathan Urlin, Sean McIntosh5
4.8%MexicoFlag Piero Rodarte, Memo Rojas2
4.8%Great BritainFlag Doug Bell, Peter Gray2
2.4%EcuadorFlag Arnold Brinkmann1
2.4%VenezuelaFlag Vicente Potolicchio1
2.4%Costa RicaFlag Daniel Muñiz1
2.4%BelgiumFlag Vanina Ickx1
2.4%EstoniaFlag Tonis Kasemets1
2.4%NetherlandsFlag Arie Luyendyk Jr.1

Individual driver statistics for the 2001 US F2000 National Championship Presented by Speedvision

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Andersen, MikeFlag n/a20010
Asaro, BillyFlag 20 y/o133702
Bell, DougFlag 22 y/o132311
Bleke, DavidFlag 35 y/o10000
Brinkmann, ArnoldFlag n/a100000
Burts, KyleFlag n/a20000
Camirand, Marc-AntoineFlag 22 y/o31101
Coello, NikiFlag n/a30000
Constantine, TommyFlag n/a100100
Dana, PaulFlag 28 y/o110100
DeCosta, DougFlag n/a10000
Dick, ScottFlag n/a10000
Dismore, MarkFlag 44 y/o20000
Dromm, KenFlag n/a20000
Dyer, TomFlag 26 y/o130210
Fierberg, IraFlag 39 y/o30000
Figge, AlexFlag 20 y/o130000
Fonferko, RossFlag 19 y/o20000
Gray, PeterFlag n/a130410
Green, MattFlag n/a40000
Harrison, JeffFlag n/a100100
Ickx, VaninaFlag 26 y/o80000
Irving, TravisFlag n/a40100
Kahne, KaseyFlag 21 y/o40000
Kasemets, TonisFlag 27 y/o123444
LaPoint, JasonFlag 24 y/o131632
Luyendyk Jr., ArieFlag 19 y/o130000
Martinez, BernardoFlag n/a20000
McIntosh, SeanFlag 16 y/o40000
Mott, RobbyFlag n/a20000
Muñiz, DanielFlag n/a30000
Potekhen, MichaelFlag 21 y/o102301
Potolicchio, VicenteFlag 32 y/o50000
Reinders, KenFlag n/a20000
Rodarte, PieroFlag 17 y/o131311
Rojas, MemoFlag 19 y/o130210
Russo, CarlFlag 44 y/o100000
Sellers, BryanFlag 18 y/o80000
Tesone, JoeFlag n/a10000
Urlin, JonathanFlag 19 y/o110000
Williams, MikeFlag 59 y/o10000
Zober, RichFlag 35 y/o20000
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