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USAC National Sprint Car Series 1978 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC National Sprint Car Series 1978

Most race winsFlag Tom Bigelow
Flag Rich Vogler
Most podium positionsFlag Tom Bigelow
Flag Rich Vogler

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Tom Bigelow, Pancho Carter, Eddie Leavitt, Dana Carter, Greg Leffler, Dick Tobias, Rich Vogler, Lealand McSpadden, Billy Cassella, Mack McClellan, Joe Saldana, Duke Cook, Ron Shuman, Doug Wolfgang, Sheldon Kinser, Jeff Bloom, Gary Bettenhausen, Chuck Gurney, Bubby Jones, Steve Chassey, Bruce Walkup, Bob East, Tim Richmond, Bill Vukovich II24

Individual driver statistics for the 1978 USAC National Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bettenhausen, GaryFlag 36 y/o18110
Bigelow, TomFlag 38 y/o40550
Bloom, JeffFlag 28 y/o1110
Carter, DanaFlag 25 y/o40220
Carter, PanchoFlag 28 y/o17330
Cassella, BillyFlag 29 y/o40330
Chassey, SteveFlag 33 y/o1110
Cook, DukeFlag 34 y/o1110
East, BobFlag n/a1110
Gurney, ChuckFlag 29 y/o1110
Jones, BubbyFlag 37 y/o2220
Kinser, SheldonFlag 35 y/o2220
Leavitt, EddieFlag 35 y/o1110
Leffler, GregFlag 26 y/o40330
McClellan, MackFlag 24 y/o1110
McSpadden, LealandFlag 31 y/o1110
Richmond, TimFlag 23 y/o00
Saldana, JoeFlag 33 y/o1110
Shuman, RonFlag 25 y/o1110
Tobias, DickFlag 46 y/o40220
Vogler, RichFlag 27 y/o40550
Vukovich II, BillFlag 34 y/o1000
Walkup, BruceFlag 33 y/o1110
Wolfgang, DougFlag 25 y/o1110
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