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USAC National Sprint Car Series 1962 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC National Sprint Car Series 1962

Most race winsFlag Jim Hurtubise
Most podium positionsFlag Parnelli Jones
Most podium positions without a winFlag Elmer George
Flag Allen Crowe

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Parnelli Jones, Jim Hurtubise, Roger McCluskey, Don Branson, A. J. Foyt, Stan Bowman, Jiggs (Fred) Peters, Alvin Farmer, Johnny Rutherford, Elmer George, Chuck Hulse, Don Davis, Bud Tingelstad, Jim Hemmings, Bobby Marvin, Allen Crowe, Leon L Clum, Ronnie Duman, Jim McElreath, Al Miller, Chuck Rodee, Chuck Engel, Hugh Randall, Red Riegel, Cecil Beavers, Bobby Boughan, Calvin Gilstrap, Bob King, Clare Lawicki, Chuck Marshall, Bobby Marshman, Bob Mathouser, Tom McClellan, Dick Northam, Mickey Shaw, Steve Stapp, Chuck Arnold, Joseph J Barzda, Bob Black, Bill Brown, Don Brown, Tommy Copp, Marvin Cosat, Dave Humphrey, Arnold Knepper, Ralph Liguori, Ernie McCoy, Bill Mehner, Leroy Neumeyer, Dave Norris, Howard Osborn, Kenny Wines, Frank Ballard, Allen Barr, Chuck Booth, Ray Brown, Billy Earl, Tony Farr, Dick Gaines, Jackson Hagemeyer, Vern Harriman, Gil Hess, Bruce Jacobi, Nolan Johncock, Russ Long, R P Mace, Johnny Mann, George Morris, Tom Price, Keith Rachwitz, Hal Rettberg, Buzz Rose, Ted Shackelford, Bob Smith, Ed Terry, Dave Weir, Willie Wildhaber, Duke Wyrembeck78

Individual driver statistics for the 1962 USAC National Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arnold, ChuckFlag 36 y/o10000
Ballard, FrankFlag n/a0000
Barr, AllenFlag 25 y/o0000
Barzda, Joseph JFlag 47 y/o10000
Beavers, CecilFlag n/a20000
Black, BobFlag n/a10000
Booth, ChuckFlag 32 y/o0000
Boughan, BobbyFlag n/a30000
Bowman, StanFlag 32 y/o6130
Branson, DonFlag 42 y/o15220
Brown, BillFlag n/a10000
Brown, DonFlag 24 y/o10000
Brown, RayFlag 38 y/o0000
Clum, Leon LFlag 38 y/o50000
Copp, TommyFlag 35 y/o10000
Cosat, MarvinFlag n/a40000
Crowe, AllenFlag 33 y/o9030
Davis, DonFlag 28 y/o8020
Duman, RonnieFlag 33 y/o60000
Earl, BillyFlag 34 y/o0000
Engel, ChuckFlag n/a3010
Farmer, AlvinFlag 33 y/o7110
Farr, Tony Flag n/a30000
Foyt, A. J.Flag 27 y/o13260
Gaines, DickFlag n/a0000
George, ElmerFlag 33 y/o17030
Gilstrap, CalvinFlag n/a20000
Hagemeyer, JacksonFlag n/a30000
Harriman, VernFlag 40 y/o0000
Hemmings, JimFlag 28 y/o70000
Hess, GilFlag 32 y/o0000
Hulse, ChuckFlag 34 y/o6010
Humphrey, DaveFlag 36 y/o50000
Hurtubise, JimFlag 29 y/o18680
Jacobi, BruceFlag 27 y/o0000
Johncock, NolanFlag 32 y/o0000
Jones, ParnelliFlag 28 y/o204130
King, BobFlag n/a40000
Knepper, ArnoldFlag 31 y/o10000
Lawicki, ClareFlag n/a50000
Liguori, RalphFlag 35 y/o10000
Long, RussFlag n/a0000
Mace, R PFlag n/a0000
Mann, JohnnyFlag n/a0000
Marshall, ChuckFlag 43 y/o20000
Marshman, BobbyFlag 25 y/o30000
Marvin, BobbyFlag 23 y/o13010
Mathouser, BobFlag 36 y/o40000
McClellan, TomFlag n/a40000
McCluskey, RogerFlag 31 y/o20560
McCoy, ErnieFlag 41 y/o10000
McElreath, JimFlag 34 y/o70000
Mehner, BillFlag n/a10000
Miller, AlFlag 55 y/o50000
Morris, GeorgeFlag n/a0000
Neumeyer, LeroyFlag n/a10000
Norris, Dave Flag n/a40000
Northam, DickFlag 36 y/o30000
Osborn, HowardFlag 42 y/o10000
Peters, Jiggs (Fred)Flag 41 y/o5120
Price, TomFlag n/a0000
Rachwitz, KeithFlag 37 y/o0000
Randall, HughFlag 28 y/o50000
Rettberg, HalFlag 34 y/o0000
Riegel, RedFlag 30 y/o30000
Rodee, ChuckFlag 34 y/o50000
Rose, BuzzFlag n/a20000
Rutherford, JohnnyFlag 24 y/o70000
Shackelford, TedFlag n/a0000
Shaw, MickeyFlag 29 y/o40000
Smith, BobFlag 46 y/o0000
Stapp, SteveFlag 21 y/o40000
Terry, EdFlag n/a0000
Tingelstad, BudFlag 34 y/o80000
Weir, DaveFlag n/a0000
Wildhaber, WillieFlag n/a10000
Wines, KennyFlag n/a30000
Wyrembeck, DukeFlag n/a10000
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