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USAC National Silver Crown 1976 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC National Silver Crown 1976

Most race winsFlag Tom Bigelow
Flag Joe Saldana
Flag Pancho Carter
Flag Bubby Jones
Most podium positionsFlag Sheldon Kinser
Most podium positions without a winFlag Sheldon Kinser

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Clark Templeman, Billy Cassella, Johnny Parsons Jr., Tom Bigelow, Rollie Beale, Jerry Miller, Roy Hicks, Ronnie Burke, Jim Hurtubise, Bobby Olivero, Larry Moore, Joe Saldana, James McElreath, Jim McElreath, Jan Opperman, Larry Rice, Sheldon Kinser, Billy Engelhart, Pancho Carter, Gary Bettenhausen, Chuck Gurney, Larry Dickson, Arnold Knepper, Bubby Jones, Roger Rager, George Snider, Gary Irvin, Jackie Howerton, Ronald James Tripp, Dana Carter, A.J. Foyt, Steve Chassey, Bruce Walkup, Spike Gehlhausen, Mark Alderson, Lee Osborne, Larry Cannon, Al Unser38

Individual driver statistics for the 1976 USAC National Silver Crown

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alderson, MarkFlag 20 y/o2000
Beale, RollieFlag 46 y/o2000
Bettenhausen, GaryFlag 34 y/o2010
Bigelow, TomFlag 36 y/o3110
Burke, RonnieFlag n/a2000
Cannon, LarryFlag 39 y/o1000
Carter, DanaFlag 23 y/o1000
Carter, PanchoFlag 26 y/o4110
Cassella, BillyFlag 27 y/o4010
Chassey, SteveFlag 31 y/o2000
Dickson, LarryFlag 37 y/o4010
Engelhart, BillyFlag 34 y/o3000
Foyt, A.J.Flag 41 y/o1010
Gehlhausen, SpikeFlag 21 y/o2000
Gurney, ChuckFlag 27 y/o4000
Hicks, RoyFlag n/a2000
Howerton, JackieFlag n/a2000
Hurtubise, JimFlag 43 y/o4000
Irvin, GaryFlag 33 y/o2000
Jones, BubbyFlag 35 y/o4110
Kinser, SheldonFlag 33 y/o4020
Knepper, ArnoldFlag 45 y/o1000
McElreath, JamesFlag 22 y/o4000
McElreath, JimFlag 48 y/o4010
Miller, JerryFlag 38 y/o3000
Moore, LarryFlag n/a1000
Olivero, BobbyFlag 29 y/o2000
Opperman, JanFlag 37 y/o3000
Osborne, LeeFlag n/a2000
Parsons Jr., JohnnyFlag 31 y/o4010
Rager, RogerFlag 27 y/o3000
Rice, LarryFlag 30 y/o4000
Saldana, JoeFlag 31 y/o4110
Snider, GeorgeFlag 35 y/o2000
Templeman, ClarkFlag 32 y/o1000
Tripp, Ronald JamesFlag 22 y/o1000
Unser, AlFlag 37 y/o00000
Walkup, BruceFlag 31 y/o2000
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