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USAC National Midget Series 1980 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC National Midget Series 1980

Most race winsFlag Ronald James Tripp
Most podium positionsFlag Mel Kenyon

Nationality of participating drivers

97.4%U.S.A.Flag Rich Vogler, Mel Kenyon, Terry Wente, Steve Lotshaw, Ronald James Tripp, Lonnie Caruthers, Mack McClellan, Jerry Weeks, Ken Schrader, Mike Gregg, Davey Ray, Stan Fox, Ron Shuman, Hank Butcher, Bob Wente, Bobby Wente, Warren Mockler, Larry Gates, Joe Saldana, Tracy Potter, Billy Humphreys, Larry Rice, Bobby Olivero, Kenneth Nichols, Pancho Carter, Greg Leffler, Kevin Olson, Gary Bettenhausen, Jerry Nuckles, Tom Bigelow, Jeff Nuckles, Steve Chassey, Duke DeRosa, Johnny Parsons, Bryan Holderfield, Frank Filskov, Bob Carey37
2.6%New ZealandFlag Barry Butterworth1

Individual driver statistics for the 1980 USAC National Midget Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bettenhausen, GaryFlag 38 y/o000
Bigelow, TomFlag 40 y/o000
Butcher, HankFlag n/a1110
Butterworth, BarryFlag 41 y/o0000
Carey, BobFlag n/a000
Carter, PanchoFlag 30 y/o000
Caruthers, LonnieFlag 31 y/o3330
Chassey, SteveFlag 35 y/o000
DeRosa, DukeFlag n/a000
Filskov, FrankFlag 27 y/o000
Fox, StanFlag 27 y/o1110
Gates, LarryFlag n/a000
Gregg, MikeFlag 31 y/o1110
Holderfield, BryanFlag n/a000
Humphreys, BillyFlag n/a000
Kenyon, MelFlag 47 y/o345140
Leffler, GregFlag 28 y/o000
Lotshaw, SteveFlag n/a3330
McClellan, MackFlag 26 y/o1110
Mockler, WarrenFlag n/a000
Nichols, KennethFlag 33 y/o000
Nuckles, JeffFlag n/a000
Nuckles, JerryFlag n/a000
Olivero, BobbyFlag 33 y/o000
Olson, KevinFlag 29 y/o10000
Parsons, JohnnyFlag 35 y/o000
Potter, TracyFlag 26 y/o000
Ray, DaveyFlag 1 y/o1110
Rice, LarryFlag 34 y/o000
Saldana, JoeFlag 35 y/o000
Schrader, KenFlag 25 y/o3330
Shuman, RonFlag 27 y/o1110
Tripp, Ronald JamesFlag 26 y/o6660
Vogler, RichFlag 29 y/o5550
Weeks, JerryFlag 35 y/o1110
Wente, BobFlag 47 y/o000
Wente, BobbyFlag 28 y/o000
Wente, TerryFlag 25 y/o1110
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