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USAC National Midget Series 1968 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC National Midget Series 1968

Most race winsFlag Mel Kenyon
Most podium positionsFlag Mel Kenyon

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Mel Kenyon, Dave Strickland, Bob Tattersall, Mike McGreevy, Bob Wente, Bill Vukovich II, Sammy Sessions, Roger West, Paul Bates, Bob McLean, Gary Bettenhausen, Merle Bettenhausen, Bob Foland, Henry Pens, Tom Sellberg, Les (William L) Scott, Chuck Arnold, Bob Hauck, Tom Bigelow, Leon Sirois, Arnold Knepper, Steve Troxell, Gene Pastor, Don Meacham, Lee Kunzman25

Individual driver statistics for the 1968 USAC National Midget Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Arnold, ChuckFlag 42 y/o3330
Bates, PaulFlag n/a1110
Bettenhausen, GaryFlag 26 y/o2220
Bettenhausen, MerleFlag 25 y/o1110
Bigelow, TomFlag 28 y/o3330
Foland, BobFlag n/a1110
Hauck, BobFlag n/a1110
Kenyon, MelFlag 35 y/o6311350
Knepper, ArnoldFlag 37 y/o1110
Kunzman, LeeFlag 23 y/o1110
McGreevy, MikeFlag 42 y/o4440
McLean, BobFlag 34 y/o1110
Meacham, DonFlag 31 y/o1110
Pastor, GeneFlag n/a1110
Pens, HenryFlag 28 y/o7770
Scott, Les (William L)Flag 41 y/o1110
Sellberg, TomFlag n/a1110
Sessions, SammyFlag 32 y/o3330
Sirois, LeonFlag 33 y/o1110
Strickland, DaveFlag 30 y/o2220
Tattersall, BobFlag 43 y/o5767
Troxell, SteveFlag 26 y/o1110
Vukovich II, BillFlag 24 y/o4440
Wente, BobFlag 35 y/o4440
West, RogerFlag 27 y/o1110
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