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USAC Mini-Indy Series 1977 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC Mini-Indy Series 1977

Most race winsFlag Tom Bagley
Most pole positionsFlag Herm Johnson
Most podium positionsFlag Herm Johnson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Howdy Holmes

Nationality of participating drivers

96%U.S.A.Flag Domenick Billera, Chris Gleason, Herm Johnson, Tom Bagley, Howdy Holmes, Noel Bennett, Bill Alsup, Eddie Miller, Phil Krueger, Gary Passon, Mike Yoder, William Henderson, Billy McConnell, Pete Halsmer, Richard Tallon, Fred Phillips, Bob Cicconi, Stuart Moore, John Barringer, Johnny Kastner, Bob Lazier, Phil Caliva, Stephen Lathrop, Bill Scott, Ted Field, Gary Bettenhausen, John Kalagian, Chip Mead, Scott Ovel, Harry MacDonald, Bill Follmer, Tom D'Eath, Jim George, Hardie Beloff, Lou Gigliotti, Jerry Petersen, Dick Ferguson, George E. Batchelor, Red Amick, Peter Lissiuk, Daniel Park, Thomas Thompson, Rick Villate, Dick Simis, William Thelander, Nancy James, Gary Mesnick, John Teas48
4%CanadaFlag Howard Kelly, Charles Montague2

Individual driver statistics for the 1977 USAC Mini-Indy Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alsup, BillFlag 38 y/o4010
Amick, RedFlag 48 y/o1000
Bagley, TomFlag 37 y/o4221
Barringer, JohnFlag n/a4000
Batchelor, George E.Flag n/a1000
Beloff, HardieFlag n/a1000
Bennett, NoelFlag n/a3110
Bettenhausen, GaryFlag 35 y/o2000
Billera, DomenickFlag 30 y/o3000
Caliva, PhilFlag 32 y/o2000
Cicconi, BobFlag 24 y/o2000
D'Eath, TomFlag n/a2000
Ferguson, DickFlag 28 y/o1000
Field, TedFlag 25 y/o1000
Follmer, BillFlag n/a2000
George, JimFlag n/a1000
Gigliotti, LouFlag 27 y/o1000
Gleason, ChrisFlag 33 y/o1000
Halsmer, PeteFlag 33 y/o1010
Henderson, WilliamFlag n/a3010
Holmes, HowdyFlag 29 y/o4020
James, NancyFlag n/a1000
Johnson, HermFlag 24 y/o4132
Kalagian, JohnFlag 30 y/o3000
Kastner, JohnnyFlag n/a1000
Kelly, HowardFlag n/a1000
Krueger, PhilFlag 26 y/o3000
Lathrop, StephenFlag n/a1000
Lazier, BobFlag 38 y/o1000
Lissiuk, PeterFlag 26 y/o1000
MacDonald, HarryFlag 36 y/o4000
McConnell, BillyFlag n/a2000
Mead, ChipFlag 27 y/o1000
Mesnick, GaryFlag n/a1000
Miller, EddieFlag 32 y/o3010
Montague, CharlesFlag n/a1000
Moore, StuartFlag n/a1000
Ovel, ScottFlag 26 y/o1000
Park, DanielFlag 36 y/o1000
Passon, GaryFlag n/a2000
Petersen, JerryFlag n/a1000
Phillips, FredFlag 28 y/o3001
Scott, BillFlag 38 y/o1000
Simis, DickFlag n/a1000
Tallon, RichardFlag n/a3000
Teas, JohnFlag n/a1000
Thelander, WilliamFlag n/a1000
Thompson, ThomasFlag n/a1000
Villate, RickFlag n/a1000
Yoder, MikeFlag n/a3000
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