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USAC Eastern Sprint Car Series 2020 standings

Championship points standings for the USAC Eastern Sprint Car Series 2020

Most race winsFlag Steve Drevicki
Most podium positionsFlag Steve Drevicki
Most podium positions without a winFlag Chris Allen Jr
Most fastest race lapsFlag Carmen Perigo
Flag Ryan Watt
Flag Billy van Inwegen Jr
Flag Alex Bright
Flag Kenny Miller III

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Steve Drevicki, Billy van Inwegen Jr, Davie Franek, Eric Jennings, Danny Varin, Tim Buckwalter, Chris Allen Jr, Joey Biasi, Jonathon Swanson, Bill Unglert, Thomas Radivoy, Ryan Quackenbush, Alex Yankowski, Christian Bruno, Bobby Flood, David Swanson, Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., Dan Malley, Lee Kauffman, Charles Weslowski, Heidi Hedin, Steve Kyzer, Craig Pellegrini Jr, Andrew Layser, Carmen Perigo, Mark Bitner, Kyle Spence, John Stehman, Jacob Balliet, Jason Cherry, Ricky Rutt, Larry Drake, Ryan Watt, Zack Burd, Billy Pauch Jr, Kyle Lick, Rich Mellor, Mick D'Agostino, Ed Aikin, J R Berry, Ken Nealis, Gary Huston, Brady Bacon, Mark Smith, Kevin Thomas Jr, Steve Buckwalter, Alex Bright, Robert Ballou, Colby Womer, Mike Thompson, Troy Fraker, Shawn Donath, Joey Amantea, Kenny Miller III, Kevin Nouse, Austin Graby, Kevin Darling, Briggs Danner, C.J. Faison, Nash Ely, Aidan Borden, Brian Krummel, Troy Betts, Brody Adamsky, Colin White, Richie Carnathan, Devin Gundrum67

Individual driver statistics for the 2020 USAC Eastern Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adamsky, BrodyFlag n/a10000
Aikin, EdFlag n/a30000
Allen Jr, ChrisFlag n/a13040
Amantea, JoeyFlag n/a50000
Bacon, BradyFlag 30 y/o1110
Balliet, JacobFlag n/a30000
Ballou, RobertFlag n/a10000
Berry, J RFlag n/a70000
Betts, TroyFlag n/a40000
Biasi, JoeyFlag n/a4010
Bitner, MarkFlag 43 y/o4110
Borden, AidanFlag n/a20000
Bright, AlexFlag 29 y/o92601
Bruno, ChristianFlag n/a110000
Buckwalter, SteveFlag 42 y/o10000
Buckwalter, TimFlag n/a20000
Buckwalter, Jr., BruceFlag 35 y/o130000
Burd, ZackFlag n/a40000
Carnathan, RichieFlag n/a10000
Cherry, JasonFlag 23 y/o120000
D'Agostino, MickFlag n/a30000
Danner, BriggsFlag n/a31100
Darling, KevinFlag n/a20000
Donath, ShawnFlag 48 y/o10000
Drake, LarryFlag n/a20000
Drevicki, SteveFlag n/a135100
Ely, NashFlag n/a40000
Faison, C.J.Flag 26 y/o20000
Flood, BobbyFlag n/a10000
Fraker, TroyFlag n/a20000
Franek, DavieFlag n/a2020
Graby, AustinFlag n/a10000
Gundrum, DevinFlag n/a10000
Hedin, HeidiFlag n/a110000
Huston, GaryFlag n/a10000
Jennings, EricFlag n/a20000
Kauffman, LeeFlag n/a90000
Krummel, BrianFlag n/a10000
Kyzer, SteveFlag n/a20000
Layser, AndrewFlag n/a20000
Lick, KyleFlag n/a40000
Malley, DanFlag n/a10000
Mellor, RichFlag n/a10000
Miller III, KennyFlag n/a72201
Nealis, KenFlag n/a10000
Nouse, KevinFlag n/a10000
Pauch Jr, BillyFlag 33 y/o10000
Pellegrini Jr, CraigFlag n/a70000
Perigo, CarmenFlag n/a70201
Quackenbush, RyanFlag n/a80000
Radivoy, ThomasFlag n/a10000
Rutt, RickyFlag n/a10000
Smith, MarkFlag 48 y/o1010
Spence, KyleFlag n/a9010
Stehman, JohnFlag n/a70000
Swanson, DavidFlag n/a100000
Swanson, JonathonFlag n/a100000
Thomas Jr, KevinFlag 29 y/o10000
Thompson, MikeFlag n/a50000
Unglert, BillFlag n/a13010
van Inwegen Jr, BillyFlag 27 y/o60301
Varin, DannyFlag n/a20000
Watt, RyanFlag 40 y/o61201
Weslowski, CharlesFlag n/a10000
White, ColinFlag n/a20000
Womer, ColbyFlag n/a10000
Yankowski, AlexFlag n/a60100
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