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URC Sprints 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the URC Sprints 2012


Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Robbie Stillwaggon, Davie Franek, Josh Weller, Kevin Darling, Randy West, Kramer Williamson, Tony Stewart, Pat Cannon, Eric Tomecek, Ryan Wilson, Tim Berkheimer, J J Grasso, Ed Aikin, Mark Bitner, Andy Best, Bryn Gohn, Art Liedl, Jonathon Swanson, Scott Lutz, Jessica Friesen, Amy Ott, Ryan Bohlke, Chad Trout, Kevin Mazy, Mark Smith, Brock Zearfoss, Jay Galloway, Jared Fink, Mark Watkins, Troy Betts, Denny Garl, David Swanson, Brian Garland, Joey Biasi, Larry Kelleher, Steve Downs, Jimmy Reppert, Tim Hogue, Jimmy Stitzel39

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 URC Sprints

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Aikin, EdFlag n/a000
Berkheimer, TimFlag n/a000
Best, AndyFlag n/a000
Betts, TroyFlag n/a000
Biasi, JoeyFlag n/a000
Bitner, MarkFlag 35 y/o000
Bohlke, RyanFlag n/a000
Cannon, PatFlag 33 y/o0
Darling, KevinFlag n/a00
Downs, SteveFlag n/a000
Fink, JaredFlag n/a000
Franek, DavieFlag n/a00
Friesen, JessicaFlag 26 y/o000
Galloway, JayFlag n/a000
Garl, DennyFlag n/a000
Garland, BrianFlag n/a000
Gohn, BrynFlag 26 y/o000
Grasso, J JFlag 27 y/o000
Hogue, TimFlag n/a000
Kelleher, LarryFlag n/a000
Liedl, ArtFlag n/a000
Lutz, ScottFlag n/a000
Mazy, KevinFlag n/a000
Ott, AmyFlag n/a000
Reppert, JimmyFlag n/a000
Smith, MarkFlag 40 y/o000
Stewart, TonyFlag 41 y/o0
Stillwaggon, RobbieFlag n/a00
Stitzel, JimmyFlag n/a000
Swanson, DavidFlag n/a000
Swanson, JonathonFlag n/a000
Tomecek, EricFlag n/a00
Trout, ChadFlag 33 y/o000
Watkins, MarkFlag n/a000
Weller, JoshFlag 27 y/o0
West, RandyFlag n/a00
Williamson, KramerFlag 62 y/o000
Wilson, RyanFlag 20 y/o00
Zearfoss, BrockFlag 21 y/o000
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