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Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series 2016 standings

Championship points standings for the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series 2016

Most race winsFlag Lee Grosz
Most podium positionsFlag Lee Grosz
Most podium positions without a winFlag Brooke Tatnell

Nationality of participating drivers

96.8%U.S.A.Flag Jerry Richert Jr, Derrik Lusk, Tony Norem, Ryan Bowers, Dave Glennon, Leigh Thomas, Chase Viebrock, Dean Brown, Jamey Ogston, Cody Hahn, Anna Kouba, Jeff Pellersels, Ty Sampair, Reed Allex, Roger McVitty, Adam Tough, Kevin Bradwell, Jared Goerges, Tony Kaus, Wade Nygaard, Bob McVitty, Chris Graf, Cam Schafer, Trevor Serbus, Lee Grosz, Brandon Halverson, Russ Hall, Dominic Scelzi, Mark Toews, Jake Lempelius, Troy Manteufel, Scott Winters, Danny Lasoski, James Broty, Gregg Bakker, Sawyer Phillips, Skylar Prochaska, Ryan Bickett, Casey Heser, Kaley Gharst, Dave Becker, Justin Jacobsma, Bill Boles, Brandon Allen, Chris Martin, Kevin Flowers, Dalton Johnson, Jason Tostenson, Carson McCarl, Casey Friedrichsen, Jordan Martens, Brandon Bosma, Eric Lutz, Tommy Barber, John Schulz, Jamie Ball, Devin Kline, Tony Rustad, Rager Phillips, Rick Kobs, Jim Smith61
1.6%AustraliaFlag Brooke Tatnell1
1.6%CanadaFlag Thomas Kennedy1

Individual driver statistics for the 2016 Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, BrandonFlag n/a00000
Allex, ReedFlag n/a11000
Bakker, GreggFlag 47 y/o2000
Ball, JamieFlag 26 y/o2000
Barber, TommyFlag n/a1000
Becker, DaveFlag n/a2000
Bickett, RyanFlag 33 y/o2000
Boles, BillFlag 43 y/o1000
Bosma, BrandonFlag n/a1000
Bowers, RyanFlag n/a13250
Bradwell, KevinFlag n/a4000
Broty, JamesFlag n/a2000
Brown, DeanFlag n/a13000
Flowers, KevinFlag n/a1000
Friedrichsen, CaseyFlag n/a1000
Gharst, KaleyFlag 28 y/o2000
Glennon, DaveFlag 39 y/o3000
Goerges, JaredFlag n/a4000
Graf, ChrisFlag 31 y/o11240
Grosz, LeeFlag 28 y/o7360
Hahn, CodyFlag n/a6020
Hall, RussFlag n/a1000
Halverson, BrandonFlag n/a4000
Heser, CaseyFlag n/a2000
Jacobsma, JustinFlag n/a2000
Johnson, DaltonFlag n/a1000
Kaus, TonyFlag n/a1000
Kennedy, ThomasFlag 26 y/o2010
Kline, DevinFlag n/a2000
Kobs, RickFlag n/a10000
Kouba, AnnaFlag n/a3000
Lasoski, DannyFlag 57 y/o1010
Lempelius, JakeFlag n/a5000
Lusk, DerrikFlag n/a8150
Lutz, EricFlag 35 y/o1010
Manteufel, TroyFlag n/a3000
Martens, JordanFlag n/a1000
Martin, ChrisFlag 19 y/o1110
McCarl, CarsonFlag 21 y/o3110
McVitty, BobFlag n/a80000
McVitty, RogerFlag n/a8000
Norem, TonyFlag n/a7130
Nygaard, WadeFlag 45 y/o10000
Ogston, JameyFlag n/a13010
Pellersels, JeffFlag n/a6000
Phillips, RagerFlag n/a2000
Phillips, SawyerFlag n/a1000
Prochaska, SkylarFlag 24 y/o4000
Richert Jr, JerryFlag n/a13120
Rustad, TonyFlag n/a2000
Sampair, TyFlag n/a1000
Scelzi, DominicFlag 19 y/o1000
Schafer, CamFlag 25 y/o3000
Schulz, JohnFlag n/a2010
Serbus, TrevorFlag n/a10000
Smith, JimFlag n/a10000
Tatnell, BrookeFlag 44 y/o5030
Thomas, LeighFlag n/a13000
Toews, MarkFlag n/a4000
Tostenson, JasonFlag 35 y/o4000
Tough, AdamFlag n/a4000
Viebrock, ChaseFlag n/a1000
Winters, ScottFlag 29 y/o2120
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