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Parts Plus United Sprint Car Series Championship 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Parts Plus United Sprint Car Series Championship 2009

Most race winsFlag Tim Crawley
Flag Blaze Martin
Most podium positionsFlag Terry Gray
Most podium positions without a winFlag Kramer Williamson
Flag Jeff Swindell
Flag Tyler Godwin
Flag Adam Jackson

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Kramer Williamson, Tim Crawley, Terry Gray, Justin Carver, Derek Hagar, Raymond Stull, Jeff Swindell, Bryce Vowan, Danny Wood, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Justin Sturch, Marshall Skinner, Anthony Nicholson, Eddie Gallagher, Jon Stinson, Lee Moore, Ronny Howard, Ray Bugg, Buster Dickerson, Wade Oliver, Lee Sowell, Joe Young, Todd Fayard, Jerrod Hull, Brad Greer, Don Young, Kent Buckley, Tommy Worley Jr, Jon Corbin, Eric Todd, Casey Rowland, Dylan Dejournet, Scott Hensley, Clint Weiss, David Dejournett, Gary Taylor, Paul McMahan, Tyler Godwin, Dain Naida, Matt Linder, Ernie Ainsworth, Darren Long, Chris Williams, Brian Thomas, Bryn Gohn, Joe Larkin, Dalton Davis, Daniel Grimes, Klint Angelette, Michael Miller, Frank Beck III, Aubrey Black, Jeremy Newkirk, Michael Craddock, Blaze Martin, Adam Jackson, Johnny Bridges, Brad Wickham, Jake McLain, Brian Carter, Tom Paterson Jr, David Adkins, Dan Statter, Mike Suhy, Brandon Rekow, Shane Butler, Ben Fritz, Bill Boyd, Amanda Ferguson, David Thorman, C J Miller, Jim Blenkam, Nick Bashford, Rory Janney, Eric Lee Riggins Jr, Tim Perry, Tony Stewart, Josh Weller, Drake Moore, Jake Karklin, Brian Smith, Nick Defreo82

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Parts Plus United Sprint Car Series Championship

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adkins, DavidFlag n/a20000
Ainsworth, ErnieFlag 40 y/o10000
Angelette, KlintFlag 16 y/o20000
Bashford, NickFlag n/a20000
Beck III, FrankFlag n/a20000
Black, AubreyFlag n/a10000
Blenkam, JimFlag n/a10000
Boyd, BillFlag 93 y/o10000
Bridges, JohnnyFlag 41 y/o40000
Buckley, KentFlag n/a10000
Bugg, RayFlag n/a40000
Butler, ShaneFlag n/a1010
Carter, BrianFlag n/a40000
Carver, JustinFlag 18 y/o10010
Corbin, JonFlag n/a10000
Craddock, MichaelFlag n/a10000
Crawley, TimFlag 39 y/o4340
Davis, DaltonFlag n/a20000
Defreo, NickFlag n/a10000
Dejournet, DylanFlag n/a10000
Dejournett, DavidFlag n/a10000
Dickerson, BusterFlag n/a30000
Fayard, ToddFlag n/a10000
Ferguson, AmandaFlag -5 y/o10000
Fritz, BenFlag n/a10000
Gallagher, EddieFlag 50 y/o4010
Godwin, TylerFlag n/a4020
Gohn, BrynFlag 23 y/o40000
Gray, TerryFlag 50 y/o10260
Greer, BradFlag n/a20000
Grimes, DanielFlag n/a20000
Hagar, DerekFlag 18 y/o30000
Hensley, ScottFlag n/a30000
Howard, RonnyFlag n/a30000
Hull, JerrodFlag 33 y/o1110
Jackson, AdamFlag n/a2020
Janney, RoryFlag n/a20000
Karklin, JakeFlag n/a10000
Larkin, JoeFlag n/a30000
Linder, MattFlag n/a40000
Long, DarrenFlag 37 y/o20000
Martin, BlazeFlag n/a3330
McLain, JakeFlag n/a30000
McMahan, PaulFlag 38 y/o20000
Miller, C JFlag n/a30000
Miller, MichaelFlag n/a20000
Moore, DrakeFlag n/a10000
Moore, LeeFlag n/a20000
Naida, DainFlag 37 y/o40000
Newkirk, JeremyFlag n/a10000
Nicholson, AnthonyFlag n/a10010
Oliver, WadeFlag 32 y/o40000
Paterson Jr, TomFlag n/a20000
Perry, TimFlag 31 y/o20000
Rekow, BrandonFlag n/a30000
Riggins Jr, Eric LeeFlag n/a10000
Rowland, CaseyFlag n/a20000
Skinner, MarshallFlag 34 y/o6010
Smith, BrianFlag n/a10000
Sowell, LeeFlag n/a30000
Statter, DanFlag n/a20000
Stenhouse, Jr., RickyFlag 21 y/o10000
Stewart, TonyFlag 38 y/o10000
Stinson, JonFlag n/a50000
Stull, RaymondFlag 36 y/o40000
Sturch, JustinFlag n/a40000
Suhy, MikeFlag n/a20000
Swindell, JeffFlag 48 y/o3020
Taylor, GaryFlag 27 y/o2120
Thomas, BrianFlag 41 y/o40000
Thorman, DavidFlag n/a30000
Todd, EricFlag 26 y/o10000
Vowan, BryceFlag 29 y/o4010
Weiss, ClintFlag n/a10000
Weller, JoshFlag 24 y/o20000
Wickham, BradFlag n/a50000
Williams, ChrisFlag n/a20000
Williamson, KramerFlag 59 y/o2020
Wood, DannyFlag 51 y/o10000
Worley Jr, TommyFlag 40 y/o10000
Young, DonFlag 20 y/o30000
Young, JoeFlag n/a10000
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