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United Rebel Sprint Series 2006 standings

Championship points standings for the United Rebel Sprint Series 2006

Most race winsFlag Jon Johnson
Most podium positionsFlag Jon Johnson
Most podium positions without a winFlag Travis Decker
Flag Smokey Fairbank
Flag Tommy Williams
Flag Bart Boyd
Flag Larry Radcliffe

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Jon Johnson, C J Johnson, Travis Decker, Keefe Hemel, Randy Bantam, Smokey Fairbank, Justin Schwien, Justin Dietz, Doug Roth, Mark Bantam, Tommy Williams, Tim Perkins, Bart Boyd, Brooke Boyd, Larry Radcliffe, Brandon Fisher, Kyle Fields, Nick Tubbs, Billy Smith, Ray Seemann, Brian Herbert, Dennis Park, Tyler Knight, Nick King, Brian May, Kirby Hagans, John Blurton, Cody Caldwell, Jeff Crook, Darren Berry, Darren Bowman, Josh Hudson, Cody Keiswetter, Bill Hays, Tom Belsky, Rick Salem36

Individual driver statistics for the 2006 United Rebel Sprint Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Bantam, MarkFlag n/a8010
Bantam, RandyFlag n/a11000
Belsky, TomFlag n/a00000
Berry, DarrenFlag n/a5000
Blurton, JohnFlag n/a1000
Bowman, DarrenFlag n/a2000
Boyd, BartFlag n/a5020
Boyd, BrookeFlag n/a6010
Caldwell, CodyFlag 14 y/o1000
Crook, JeffFlag n/a1000
Decker, TravisFlag n/a11020
Dietz, JustinFlag n/a1000
Fairbank, SmokeyFlag 34 y/o11020
Fields, KyleFlag n/a5000
Fisher, BrandonFlag n/a2110
Hagans, KirbyFlag n/a2000
Hays, BillFlag n/a2000
Hemel, KeefeFlag n/a3110
Herbert, BrianFlag n/a2010
Hudson, JoshFlag n/a1000
Johnson, C JFlag 26 y/o1010
Johnson, JonFlag n/a118100
Keiswetter, CodyFlag n/a1000
King, NickFlag n/a3000
Knight, TylerFlag n/a1000
May, BrianFlag n/a1000
Park, DennisFlag n/a1000
Perkins, TimFlag n/a6000
Radcliffe, LarryFlag n/a7020
Roth, DougFlag n/a4000
Salem, RickFlag n/a1000
Schwien, JustinFlag n/a11170
Seemann, RayFlag n/a2010
Smith, BillyFlag n/a7000
Tubbs, NickFlag n/a1000
Williams, TommyFlag n/a7020
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