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Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA 2022 standings

Championship points standings for the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA 2022

Most race winsFlag Matt Egel
Most podium positionsFlag Matt Egel
Most podium positions without a winFlag Bradley Keller
Flag Luke Dillon
Most fastest race lapsFlag Daniel Pestka

Nationality of participating drivers

100%AustraliaFlag Matt Egel, Ryan Jones, Bradley Keller, Terry Pitt, Luke Dillon, Ben Morris, Steven Caruso, Ricky Maiolo, Max Vidau, Lachlan McDonough, Chris James, Glen Sutherland, Daniel Pestka, Mike Fox, Ryan Alexander, Daniel Puddy, Mark Caruso, Joel Heinrich, Hayden Pitt, Keke Falland, Jamie Hendry, Clint Warner, Steven Lines, Lisa Walker, David Donegan, Luke Bowey, Brendan Guerin, James McFadden, David Murcott, Matt Dumesny, Callum Walker, Jarman Dalitz, Brendan Quinn, Tony Moule, Stacey Galliford, Toby McCarthy36

Individual driver statistics for the 2022 Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Alexander, RyanFlag n/a30000
Bowey, LukeFlag n/a10000
Caruso, MarkFlag 39 y/o20000
Caruso, StevenFlag 38 y/o30000
Dalitz, JarmanFlag n/a10000
Dillon, LukeFlag 41 y/o50200
Donegan, DavidFlag n/a10000
Dumesny, MattFlag n/a10000
Egel, MattFlag 37 y/o52401
Falland, KekeFlag n/a20000
Fox, MikeFlag n/a40000
Galliford, StaceyFlag n/a10000
Guerin, BrendanFlag 33 y/o30000
Heinrich, JoelFlag n/a40000
Hendry, JamieFlag 40 y/o10000
James, ChrisFlag n/a30000
Jones, RyanFlag 37 y/o51201
Keller, BradleyFlag n/a50201
Lines, StevenFlag 38 y/o20100
Maiolo, RickyFlag n/a50000
McCarthy, TobyFlag n/a10000
McDonough, LachlanFlag n/a30000
McFadden, JamesFlag 33 y/o11100
Morris, BenFlag n/a20000
Moule, TonyFlag n/a10000
Murcott, DavidFlag 51 y/o20000
Pestka, DanielFlag 30 y/o41302
Pitt, HaydenFlag n/a20000
Pitt, TerryFlag 31 y/o10000
Puddy, DanielFlag n/a20000
Quinn, BrendanFlag n/a20000
Sutherland, GlenFlag 37 y/o40000
Vidau, MaxFlag 21 y/o40000
Walker, CallumFlag 23 y/o10000
Walker, LisaFlag n/a30000
Warner, ClintFlag n/a20000
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