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Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA 2018

Most race winsFlag Robbie Farr
Most podium positionsFlag Robbie Farr
Most podium positions without a winFlag Luke Dillon
Flag Bradley Keller
Most fastest race lapsFlag Ryan Jones
Flag Robbie Farr
Flag Ricky Maiolo
Flag Brock Hallett

Nationality of participating drivers

91.5%AustraliaFlag Ryan Jones, Robbie Farr, Luke Dillon, Matt Egel, Bradley Keller, Ricky Maiolo, Shaun Dobson, Jake Tranter, Tim Hutchins, Brock Hallett, Glen Sutherland, Keke Falland, Steven Caruso, Marcus Dumesny, Lisa Walker, Aldo de Paoli, Jessie Attard, Mark Caruso, Brendan Guerin, Aidan Hall, Adrian Cottrell, Terry Pitt, Daniel Evans, Steven Lines, Matt Dumesny, Sam Putland, Nick Rachwal, Shannon Barry, Todd Wigzell, Daniel Pestka, Hayden Pitt, Jason Gill, Justin Sloan, Brendan Quinn, James McFadden, Jye O'Keeffe, Jamie Cobby, Tim van Ginneken, Jamie Veal, Chad Ely, Lachlan McHugh, Scott Enderl, Jason Gebert, Jed Bell, Kayla Green, Michael Lovegrove, Danny Reidy, Tregan Gates, Domain Ramsay, Wayne Rowett, Jamie Hendry, Jarman Dalitz, Brayden Cooley, Luke Bowey54
5.1%U.S.A.Flag Cory Eliason, Jason Johnson, Michael Kofoid3
3.4%New ZealandFlag Brett Sullivan, Stephen Taylor2

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 Ultimate Sprintcar Championship SA

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Attard, JessieFlag 18 y/o50000
Barry, ShannonFlag n/a50000
Bell, JedFlag n/a10000
Bowey, LukeFlag n/a10000
Caruso, MarkFlag 35 y/o10000
Caruso, StevenFlag 34 y/o60000
Cobby, JamieFlag n/a10000
Cooley, BraydenFlag n/a10000
Cottrell, AdrianFlag 26 y/o40000
Dalitz, JarmanFlag n/a10000
de Paoli, AldoFlag n/a50000
Dillon, LukeFlag 37 y/o60200
Dobson, ShaunFlag n/a10000
Dumesny, MarcusFlag 18 y/o20000
Dumesny, MattFlag n/a10000
Egel, MattFlag 33 y/o50100
Eliason, CoryFlag 26 y/o10000
Ely, ChadFlag 34 y/o10000
Enderl, ScottFlag n/a20000
Evans, DanielFlag n/a00000
Falland, KekeFlag n/a60100
Farr, RobbieFlag 44 y/o63501
Gates, TreganFlag n/a10000
Gebert, JasonFlag n/a10000
Gill, JasonFlag n/a30000
Green, KaylaFlag n/a10000
Guerin, BrendanFlag 29 y/o40000
Hall, AidanFlag 22 y/o40000
Hallett, BrockFlag n/a60101
Hendry, JamieFlag 36 y/o10000
Hutchins, TimFlag n/a10000
Johnson, JasonFlag 41 y/o10000
Jones, RyanFlag 33 y/o62301
Keller, BradleyFlag n/a40200
Kofoid, MichaelFlag 16 y/o10000
Lines, StevenFlag 34 y/o30100
Lovegrove, MichaelFlag n/a30000
Maiolo, RickyFlag n/a50001
McFadden, JamesFlag 29 y/o1110
McHugh, LachlanFlag 20 y/o10000
O'Keeffe, JyeFlag 37 y/o10000
Pestka, DanielFlag 26 y/o50100
Pitt, HaydenFlag n/a20000
Pitt, TerryFlag 27 y/o30000
Putland, SamFlag n/a40000
Quinn, BrendanFlag n/a40000
Rachwal, NickFlag n/a40000
Ramsay, DomainFlag 47 y/o10000
Reidy, DannyFlag 33 y/o10000
Rowett, WayneFlag n/a10000
Sloan, JustinFlag 48 y/o30000
Sullivan, BrettFlag n/a50000
Sutherland, GlenFlag 33 y/o20000
Taylor, StephenFlag n/a10000
Tranter, JakeFlag n/a50000
van Ginneken, TimFlag 32 y/o10000
Veal, JamieFlag 29 y/o10000
Walker, LisaFlag n/a60000
Wigzell, ToddFlag 36 y/o30000
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