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III Grand Prix de Tunise 1931 standings

Race results for III Grand Prix de Tunise 1931

1.Flag Achille VarziBugatti T51
2.Flag Luigi FagioliOfficine A. MaseratiMaserati 26M
3.Flag Marcel LehouxBugatti T35B
4.Flag Clemente BiondettiMaserati V4
5.Flag Heinrich-Joachim von MorgenBugatti T35B
6.Flag Stanislaw CzaykowskiBugatti T35C
7.Flag Umberto KlingerMaserati 26M
8.Flag Ernesto MaseratiOfficine A. MaseratiMaserati 26
9.Flag Pierre VeyronBugatti T37A
10.Flag José ScaronAmilcar MCO
11.Flag Raoul MiguelBugatti T35
12.Flag Yves Giraud-CabantousCaban Special
13.Flag Female Fernande RouxBugatti T37A
14.Flag André VagniezBugatti T37A
15.Flag Female Anne-Cécile Rose-ItierBugatti T37A
16.Flag Emil DourelAmilcar C6
Flag Mikael AngwerdM AngwerdBugatti T37
Flag Marcel BouclyM BouclySalmson
Flag Luigi Pindemote Rezzonico Conte di CastelbarcoL CastelbarcoTalbot 700
Flag Georges D'ArnouxComte G d'ArnouxBugatti T35B
Flag René DreyfusOfficine A. MaseratiMaserati 26M
Fastest lap
Flag Rudolf EberhardtR EberhardtBugatti T37A
Flag Philippe ÉtancelinP EtancelinBugatti T35C
Flag Jean GaupillatJ GaupillatBugatti T37A
Flag JacquinJacquinAmilcar C6
Flag Victor MarretV MarretSalmson
Flag Aime MartinA MartinBugatti T37
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