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VIII Gran Premio di Tripoli 1934 standings

Race results for VIII Gran Premio di Tripoli 1934

1.Flag Achille VarziScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo P3
2.Flag Guy MollScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo P3
3.Flag Louis ChironScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo P3
Fastest lap
4.Flag Philippe ÉtancelinP EtancelinMaserati 8CM
5.Flag Clemente BiondettiGruppo Genovese San GiorgioMaserati T26M
6.Flag René DreyfusAutomobiles E BugattiBugatti T59
7.Flag Lou MooreFrank ScullyDusenberg-Miller
8.Flag Peter de PaoloFrank Scully Miller
9.Flag George EystonG EystonAlfa Romeo Monza
10.Flag Renato BalestreroScuderia BalestreroAlfa Romeo Monza
11.Flag Guglielmo CarraroliScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Giovanni BattagliaG BattagliaAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Felice BonettoF BonettoAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Carlo GazzabiniProf GalleaziMaserati V4
Flag Hugh Charles HamiltonW StraightMaserati 8CM
Flag Luigi PremoliL PremoliPBM
Flag Lelio Pellegrini QuarantottiL PellegriniAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Eugenio SienaScuderia SienaMaserati 8CM
Flag Raymond SommerR SommerAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Whitney Willard StraightW StraightMaserati 8CM
Flag Mario TadiniScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P3
Flag Piero TaruffiOfficine A MasaretiMaserati V5
Flag Carlo Felice TrossiScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo Tipo B/P3
Flag Per Viktor WidengrenP WidengrenAlfa Romeo Monza
Flag Jean-Pierre WimilleAutomobiles E BugattiBugatti T59
Flag Goffredo ZehenderG ZehenderMaserati 8CM
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