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Toyota Speedway Legend Cars 2007 standings

Championship points standings for the Toyota Speedway Legend Cars 2007

Most race winsFlag Tom Landreth
Most podium positionsFlag Darren Amidon
Most podium positions without a winFlag Mark Borchetta

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Darren Amidon, Tom Landreth, Bob Landreth, Austin Grabowski, Gary Scheuerell, Mark Lungerich, Chad Schug, Matt Hart, Kody Swanson, Josh Geer, Michael Springer, Michael Smith, Andrew Anderson, Tom Skahill, Joseph Daniello, Skip Bunce, Mark Borchetta, Larry Meredith, Brent Scheidemantle, Ryan Partridge, Cory Miles, Jeremiah Wagner, Albert Flores, Ryan O'Connor, Bree Brewer, Bob Baldwin, Connor Cantrell, Donny St. Ours, Jordan Hyland, Mark Gaiser, Don Teller, Cliff Carter, Ryan Schug, Oscar Hafner, John London, Scott Anderson, Dennis Howell, Matthew Hicks, Jonathan Evans, Jim Pantier, K J Garrison, Lynn Sours, Michael Turner, Billy Thomas, Cody Kutzner, Colleen Sheehan, Zack Wetstone, Jason Patison, David Kalawaia, Bob Blackman, Rodney Schug, Andy Coyle, John Barnett, Chase Cantania, Jakob Engle, Adrian Mercurio, Mike Sheehan, Jerry Contreras Jr, Kyle Neveau, John McIntyre, Carl Wuersch, Brian Wong, Nick Joanides63

Individual driver statistics for the 2007 Toyota Speedway Legend Cars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Amidon, DarrenFlag n/a14111
Anderson, AndrewFlag n/a1400
Anderson, ScottFlag 18 y/o101
Baldwin, BobFlag n/a900
Barnett, JohnFlag n/a100
Blackman, BobFlag n/a300
Borchetta, MarkFlag n/a1202
Brewer, BreeFlag n/a500
Bunce, SkipFlag n/a1400
Cantania, ChaseFlag n/a100
Cantrell, ConnorFlag 16 y/o212
Carter, CliffFlag n/a600
Contreras Jr, JerryFlag n/a100
Coyle, AndyFlag n/a100
Daniello, JosephFlag n/a1300
Engle, JakobFlag n/a100
Evans, JonathanFlag n/a500
Flores, AlbertFlag n/a300
Gaiser, MarkFlag n/a401
Garrison, K JFlag n/a200
Geer, JoshFlag n/a1400
Grabowski, AustinFlag n/a1401
Hafner, OscarFlag n/a600
Hart, MattFlag n/a1400
Hicks, MatthewFlag n/a200
Howell, DennisFlag n/a300
Hyland, JordanFlag n/a400
Joanides, NickFlag 37 y/o100
Kalawaia, DavidFlag n/a100
Kutzner, CodyFlag n/a200
Landreth, BobFlag n/a1400
Landreth, TomFlag n/a14710
London, JohnFlag n/a400
Lungerich, MarkFlag n/a1400
McIntyre, JohnFlag n/a100
Mercurio, AdrianFlag n/a300
Meredith, LarryFlag n/a800
Miles, CoryFlag n/a800
Neveau, KyleFlag 15 y/o200
O'Connor, RyanFlag n/a400
Pantier, JimFlag n/a700
Partridge, RyanFlag 19 y/o501
Patison, JasonFlag n/a100
Scheidemantle, BrentFlag n/a900
Scheuerell, GaryFlag n/a1016
Schug, ChadFlag n/a1135
Schug, RodneyFlag n/a100
Schug, RyanFlag n/a100
Sheehan, ColleenFlag n/a400
Sheehan, MikeFlag n/a300
Skahill, TomFlag n/a1400
Smith, MichaelFlag n/a1400
Sours, LynnFlag n/a200
Springer, MichaelFlag n/a1401
St. Ours, DonnyFlag n/a411
Swanson, KodyFlag 19 y/o1400
Teller, DonFlag n/a600
Thomas, BillyFlag n/a300
Turner, MichaelFlag n/a300
Wagner, JeremiahFlag n/a500
Wetstone, ZackFlag n/a200
Wong, BrianFlag 18 y/o100
Wuersch, CarlFlag n/a100
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