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Tourist Trophy 1955 standings

Race results for Tourist Trophy 1955

1.Flag John FitchDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
1.Flag Stirling MossDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
Pole position
2.Flag Juan Manuel FangioDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
Fastest lap
2.Flag Karl KlingDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
3.Flag André SimonDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
3.Flag Wolfgang von TripsDaimler-Benz AGMercedes-Benz 300SLR
4.Flag Dennis PooreAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
4.Flag Peter WalkerAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
5.Flag Franco BordoniOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 300S
5.Flag Luigi MussoOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 300S
6.Flag Eugenio CastellottiScuderia FerrariFerrari 857 Monza
6.Flag Piero TaruffiScuderia FerrariFerrari 857 Monza
7.Flag Reg ParnellAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
7.Flag Roy SalvadoriAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
8.Flag Umberto MaglioliScuderia FerrariFerrari 857 Monza
8.Flag Maurice TrintignantScuderia FerrariFerrari 857 Monza
9.Flag Masten GregoryHuschke von HansteinPorsche 550 Spyder
9.Flag Carroll ShelbyHuschke von HansteinPorsche 550 Spyder
10.Flag Ivor BuebCooper Cars CoCooper T39 (Climax)
10.Flag Mike McDowellCooper Cars CoCooper T39 (Climax)
11.Flag Cliff AllisonLotus Cars ltd.Lotus Mk.IX (Climax)
11.Flag Colin ChapmanLotus Cars ltd.Lotus Mk.IX (Climax)
12.Flag Helmut GlöcklerPorsche KGPorsche 550 Spyder
12.Flag Wolfgang SeidelPorsche KGPorsche 550 Spyder
13.Flag Johnny ClaesEcurie FrancorchampsFerrari 750 Monza
13.Flag Jacques SwatersEcurie FrancorchampsFerrari 750 Monza
14.Flag Raymond FlowerRaymond FlowerAustin-Healey 100S
14.Flag Mike LlewellynRaymond FlowerAustin-Healey 100S
15.Flag Peter Scott-RussellRichard SteedLotus Mk.IX (Climax)
15.Flag Richard SteedRichard SteedLotus Mk.IX (Climax)
16.Flag Herbert LingePorsche KGPorsche 550 Spyder
16.Flag Richard von FrankenbergPorsche KGPorsche 550 Spyder
17.Flag Paul ArmagnacEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
17.Flag Gérard LaureauEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
18.Flag Jo BonnierAndré LoensMaserati A6GCS
18.Flag André LoensAndré LoensMaserati A6GCS
19.Flag Louis CornetEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
19.Flag Claude StorezEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
20.Flag Jack FairmanMG Car Co.MG Ex182
20.Flag Peter S. WilsonMG Car Co.MG Ex182
21.Flag Ian TitteringtonJasper B. JohnstoneTriumph TR2
21.Flag Wilbert T. ToddJasper B. JohnstoneTriumph TR2
22.Flag Robert DicksonRobert DicksonTriumph TR2 Prototype
22.Flag Ken RichardsonRobert DicksonTriumph TR2 Prototype
23.Flag Joe KellyJ.Maurice TewFrazer Nash Le Mans
23.Flag J. Maurice TewJ.Maurice TewFrazer Nash Le Mans
24.Flag Guillaume MercaderEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
24.Flag Robert MouginEcurie Jeudy-BonnetD.B. HBR Panhard
25.Flag Ronnie J. AdamsKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (Bristol)
25.Flag John FisherKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (Bristol)
26.Flag Berwyn BaxterKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (BMC)
26.Flag Max TrimbleKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (BMC)
27.Flag Ian BurgessLotus Cars Ltd.Lotus Mk.VIII (Connaught)
27.Flag John CoombsLotus Cars Ltd.Lotus Mk.VIII (Connaught)
Flag Mike P. AnthonyLotus Cars Ltd.Lotus Mk.IX (MG)
Flag Jean BehraOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati 300S
Flag Luigi BellucciOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati A6GCS
Flag Bob BerryJack BroadheadJaguar D-type
Flag Jack BrabhamO'Shea RacingCooper T39 (Climax)
Flag Tony BrooksAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
Flag Pierre ChancelPierre ChancelPanhard X88
Flag René ChancelPierre ChancelPanhard X88
Flag Peter CollinsAston Martin LtdAston Martin DB3S
Flag John DaltonJohn DaltonAustin-Healey 100S
Flag Philippe DuvalAutomobili StanguelliniStanguellini 750 Sport
Flag René-Philippe FaureAutomobili StanguelliniStanguellini 750 Sport
Flag Ron FlockhartMG Car Co.MG Ex182 Twin OHC
Flag Mike HawthornJaguar Cars Ltd.Jaguar D-type
Fastest lap
Flag Peter JoppLotus Cars Ltd.Lotus Mk.IX (MG)
Flag Friedrich KretschmannRaymond FlowerPorsche 550 Spyder
Flag John LockettMG Car Co.MG Ex182 Twin OHC
Flag Ted LundMG Car Co.MG Ex182
Flag R. MacKenzieElvaElva Mk.I (Climax)
Flag Lance MacklinJohn DaltonAustin-Healey 100S
Flag Richard MainwaringElvaElva Mk.I (Climax)
Flag Charles Eyre MaunsellJasper B. JohnstoneTriumph TR2
Flag Jim MayersO'Shea RacingCooper T39 (Climax)
Flag Brian McCaldinJasper B. JohnstoneTriumph TR2
Flag Ernest T. McMillenRaymond FlowerPorsche 550 Spyder
Flag Otway PlunkettKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (Climax 1100)
Flag Alan RipponKieft Cars Ltd.Kieft (Climax 1100)
Flag Ken RuddAutomobiles Frazer Nash LtdDKW Sonderklasse
Flag Jim RussellCooper Cars CoCooper T39 (Climax)
Flag Ninian SandersonJack BroadheadJaguar D-type
Flag William T. SmithConnaughtConnaught AL/SR
Flag Dickie StoopMG Car Co.MG Ex182
Flag Dennis TaylorCooper Cars CoCooper T39 (Climax)
Flag Desmond TitteringtonJaguar Cars Ltd.Jaguar D-type
Flag Cecil VardAutomobiles Frazer Nash LtdDKW Sonderklasse
Flag Ken WhartonAutomobiles Frazer Nash LtdFrazer Nash Le Mans
Flag Graham WhiteheadPeter WhiteheadCooper T38 (Jaguar)
Flag Peter WhiteheadPeter WhiteheadCooper T38 (Jaguar)
Flag John YoungConnaughtConnaught AL/SR
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