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Toledo Speedway Late Models 2009 standings

Championship points standings for the Toledo Speedway Late Models 2009


Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Mike Root, Harold Fair, Jr., Dennis Strickland, Ron Allen, Paul Pelletier, Scott Hantz, Steve Cronenwett, Jr., Jeff Bailey, Chris Benson, Eric Lee, Brent Jack, Justin Schroeder, Andrew Hagen, Harold Fair, Sr., Joe Hawes, Bob Mikolajczyk, Jeffrey MacZink, Tom O'Leary, IV, Dakota Carlson, Jay Sommers, Guy Pritchard, Brian Norton, Chad Finley, Steve Cronenwelt, Sr., Jake Francis, Dick Barker, Steve Peters, Bill Litogot, Jeremy Vanderhoof, Roger Blackstock, Ricky Kargel, Rick Sheppard, Mike Luberda, Keith Nelson, Dave Kuhlman, Royce Cornett, Dave Sensiba, Jared Allison, Kevin Butzin, Jimmy Thiel, Justin May, Joe Ruttman, Stan Yee, Jr., Rick Sibila, John VanDoorn, Adam Purdy, Dan Trosen, Jr., Brent Jursik48

Individual driver statistics for the 2009 Toledo Speedway Late Models

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allen, RonFlag n/a
Allison, JaredFlag n/a
Bailey, JeffFlag n/a
Barker, DickFlag n/a
Benson, ChrisFlag n/a
Blackstock, RogerFlag n/a
Butzin, KevinFlag n/a
Carlson, DakotaFlag n/a
Cornett, RoyceFlag n/a
Cronenwelt, Sr., SteveFlag n/a
Cronenwett, Jr., SteveFlag n/a
Fair, Jr., HaroldFlag n/a
Fair, Sr., HaroldFlag n/a000
Finley, ChadFlag 17 y/o
Francis, JakeFlag 20 y/o
Hagen, AndrewFlag n/a
Hantz, ScottFlag 46 y/o
Hawes, JoeFlag n/a
Jack, BrentFlag n/a
Jursik, BrentFlag n/a
Kargel, RickyFlag n/a
Kuhlman, DaveFlag n/a
Lee, EricFlag n/a
Litogot, BillFlag n/a
Luberda, MikeFlag n/a
MacZink, JeffreyFlag 31 y/o
May, JustinFlag n/a
Mikolajczyk, BobFlag 39 y/o
Nelson, KeithFlag n/a
Norton, BrianFlag n/a
O'Leary, IV, TomFlag 18 y/o
Pelletier, PaulFlag n/a
Peters, SteveFlag n/a
Pritchard, GuyFlag n/a
Purdy, AdamFlag n/a
Root, MikeFlag 34 y/o
Ruttman, JoeFlag 64 y/o
Schroeder, JustinFlag n/a
Sensiba, DaveFlag n/a
Sheppard, RickFlag n/a
Sibila, RickFlag n/a
Sommers, JayFlag 41 y/o
Strickland, DennisFlag 51 y/o
Thiel, JimmyFlag 30 y/o
Trosen, Jr., DanFlag n/a
Vanderhoof, JeremyFlag n/a
VanDoorn, JohnFlag 21 y/o
Yee, Jr., StanFlag n/a
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