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TC2000 - 39º Campeonato Argentino 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the TC2000 - 39º Campeonato Argentino 2018

1.Flag Marcelo CiarrocchiCitroën Total Racing Team PSGCitroën C4 Lounge
2.Flag Martin ChialvoEscudería FelaFord Focus III
3.Flag José Hernán PalazzoCitroën Total Racing Team PSGCitroën C4 Lounge
4.Flag Mariano PerníaAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
5.Flag Santiago MalloEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
6.Flag José Manuel SapagAmbrogio RacingCitroën C4 Lounge
7.Flag Rodrigo LugonAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
8.Flag Agustín Lima CapitaoDTA RacingPeugeot 408
9.Flag Matias CraveroEscudería Fela JuniorFord Focus
10.Flag Sebastián PelusoEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
11.Flag Nicolás DaperoAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
12.Flag Nicolás MoscardiniLitoral GroupFiat Linea
13.Flag Juan Cruz Acosta BrodaToyota YoungToyota Corolla
14.Flag Gregorio ContaEscudería Fela by Ram RacingChevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus III
15.Flag Braian ReinosoFineschi RacingPeugeot 408
16.Flag Jorge VitarPro RacingChevrolet Cruze
17.Flag Fabricio PersiaFela JuniorFord Focus
18.Flag Emmanuel CáceresToyota YoungToyota Corolla
19.Flag Gastón CabreraLR Team UnlimitedFiat Linea
20.Flag Rudi Samuel BundziakDTA RacingPeugeot 408
21.Flag Juan José Gárriz (h)Fineschi RacingPeugeot 408
22.Flag Juan ScoltoreToyota YoungToyota Corolla
23.Flag Tomás Gagliardi GennéEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
24.Flag Lucas VicinoLR Team UnlimitedFiat Linea
25.Flag Sebastian MartinezPro RacingCitroën C4 Lounge, Chevrolet Cruze
26.Flag Gerónimo NuñezToyota YoungToyota Corolla
27.Flag Franco CosciaPro RacingChevrolet Cruze
28.Flag Tomás Cingolani97 RacingFiat Linea
29.Flag Augusto Mateo ScalbiFiat JM MotorsportFiat Linea
30.Flag Nicolás TrautRiva RacingPeugeot 408
31.Flag Sebastián PereyraPro RacingChevrolet Cruze
32.Flag Nicolás CarbónFiat JM MotorsportFiat Tipo
Flag Jonathan BaldinelliFiat JM MotorsportFiat Linea
Flag Víctor Andrés Cornejo CarbonelFiat JM MotorsportFiat Tipo
Flag Tobias MartínezLitoral GroupFiat Linea
Guest drivers not eligible for points:
Flag Facundo ArdussoRenault Fluence
Flag Bruno ArmelliniPeugeot 408
Flag Exequiel BastidasRiva RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Mariano BeraldiLitoral GroupFiat Linea
Flag Federico BragaFiat Tipo
Flag Facundo ChapurCitroen Total Racing Team PSGCitroën C4 Lounge
Flag Daniel Cingolani97 RacingFiat Linea
Flag Gianfranco CollinoFiat Linea
Flag Lucas Colombo RussellToyota YoungToyota Corolla
Flag Facundo ContaEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
Flag Danilo D'AngeloToyota YoungToyota Corolla
Flag Luciano FarroniEscudería Fela JuniorFord Focus
Flag Damián FineschiFineschi RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Fabián FlaquéEscudería Fela JuniorFord Focus
Flag Antonio GarciaEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
Flag Franco GirolamiEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
Flag Andrés JakosToyota Corolla
Flag Ignacio JuliánAmbrogio RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Humberto KrujoskiCitroen Total Racing Team PSGCitroën C4 Lounge
Flag Bernardo LlaverLitoral GroupFiat Linea
Flag Manuel Nicolas LuqueAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
Flag Manuel MalloEscudería Fela by Ram RacingFord Focus III
Flag Facundo MarquesFiat JM MotorsportFiat Tipo
Flag Carlos Javier MerloAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
Flag Guido MoggiaFiat Linea
Flag Martín MoggiaRenault Fluence
Flag Matías Muñoz MarchesiDTA RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Leonel PerníaAmbrogio RacingRenault Fluence
Flag Ariel PersiaFord Focus
Flag Mateo PolakovichAmbrogio RacingFiat Tipo
Flag Ricardo Risatti IIICitroen Total Racing Team PSGCitroën C4 Lounge
Flag Matías RodríguezDTA RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Alessandro SalernoFineschi RacingFiat Linea
Flag German SuarezToyota Corolla
Flag Nicolás VarroneRiva RacingPeugeot 408
Flag Franco VivianLitoral GroupFiat Linea
Most race winsFlag Marcelo Ciarrocchi
Most pole positionsFlag Marcelo Ciarrocchi
Most podium positionsFlag Marcelo Ciarrocchi
Most podium positions without a winFlag Sebastián Peluso
Most fastest race lapsFlag Marcelo Ciarrocchi

Nationality of participating drivers

98.6%ArgentinaFlag Mariano Pernía, José Hernán Palazzo, Martin Chialvo, Marcelo Ciarrocchi, Nicolás Moscardini, Rodrigo Lugon, Sebastián Peluso, Jorge Vitar, Matias Cravero, Santiago Mallo, Tomás Gagliardi Genné, Gregorio Conta, Franco Coscia, Juan Cruz Acosta Broda, Nicolás Dapero, Sebastian Martinez, Braian Reinoso, José Manuel Sapag, Juan Scoltore, Sebastián Pereyra, Mariano Beraldi, Rudi Samuel Bundziak, Fabricio Persia, Agustín Lima Capitao, Tomás Cingolani, Jonathan Baldinelli, Augusto Mateo Scalbi, Gastón Cabrera, Juan José Gárriz (h), Emmanuel Cáceres, Andrés Jakos, Manuel Nicolas Luque, Leonel Pernía, Martín Moggia, Bruno Armellini, Luciano Farroni, Matías Muñoz Marchesi, Lucas Colombo Russell, Ricardo Risatti III, Ignacio Julián, Ariel Persia, Manuel Mallo, Daniel Cingolani, Antonio Garcia, German Suarez, Facundo Ardusso, Facundo Conta, Tobias Martínez, Federico Braga, Damián Fineschi, Gianfranco Collino, Guido Moggia, Nicolás Carbón, Nicolás Traut, Matías Rodríguez, Carlos Javier Merlo, Fabián Flaqué, Franco Girolami, Nicolás Varrone, Lucas Vicino, Alessandro Salerno, Facundo Marques, Facundo Chapur, Franco Vivian, Bernardo Llaver, Humberto Krujoski, Gerónimo Nuñez, Danilo D'Angelo, Mateo Polakovich, Exequiel Bastidas70
1.4%ChileFlag Víctor Andrés Cornejo Carbonel1

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 TC2000 - 39º Campeonato Argentino

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Acosta Broda, Juan CruzFlag 20 y/o100100
Ardusso, FacundoFlag 30 y/o10000
Armellini, BrunoFlag 28 y/o30000
Baldinelli, JonathanFlag 29 y/o20000
Bastidas, ExequielFlag 22 y/o10000
Beraldi, MarianoFlag 24 y/o30000
Braga, FedericoFlag 53 y/o10000
Bundziak, Rudi SamuelFlag 21 y/o130000
Cabrera, GastónFlag 23 y/o110000
Cáceres, EmmanuelFlag 28 y/o21201
Carbón, NicolásFlag 20 y/o60000
Chapur, FacundoFlag 24 y/o10000
Chialvo, MartinFlag 28 y/o152512
Ciarrocchi, MarceloFlag 31 y/o155835
Cingolani, DanielFlag 57 y/o20000
Cingolani, TomásFlag 24 y/o100000
Collino, GianfrancoFlag 26 y/o10000
Colombo Russell, LucasFlag 25 y/o20000
Conta, FacundoFlag 26 y/o20000
Conta, GregorioFlag 20 y/o140000
Cornejo Carbonel, Víctor AndrésFlag n/a30000
Coscia, FrancoFlag 37 y/o40000
Cravero, MatiasFlag 17 y/o140110
D'Angelo, DaniloFlag 30 y/o10000
Dapero, NicolásFlag 20 y/o151110
Farroni, LucianoFlag 28 y/o20000
Fineschi, DamiánFlag 30 y/o20000
Flaqué, FabiánFlag 48 y/o10000
Gagliardi Genné, TomásFlag 22 y/o30100
Garcia, AntonioFlag 16 y/o20100
Gárriz (h), Juan JoséFlag 27 y/o140100
Girolami, FrancoFlag 26 y/o10000
Jakos, AndrésFlag 18 y/o11100
Julián, IgnacioFlag 23 y/o20000
Krujoski, HumbertoFlag 39 y/o10000
Lima Capitao, AgustínFlag 22 y/o140101
Llaver, BernardoFlag 30 y/o10000
Lugon, RodrigoFlag 20 y/o150320
Luque, Manuel NicolasFlag 24 y/o20100
Mallo, ManuelFlag 24 y/o21100
Mallo, SantiagoFlag 21 y/o151402
Marques, FacundoFlag 18 y/o10000
Martinez, SebastianFlag 45 y/o40000
Martínez, TobiasFlag 17 y/o20000
Merlo, Carlos JavierFlag 24 y/o10000
Moggia, GuidoFlag 17 y/o10000
Moggia, MartínFlag 20 y/o10000
Moscardini, NicolásFlag 17 y/o131122
Muñoz Marchesi, MatíasFlag 30 y/o20000
Nuñez, GerónimoFlag 21 y/o40100
Palazzo, José HernánFlag 18 y/o143521
Peluso, SebastiánFlag 38 y/o150400
Pereyra, SebastiánFlag 41 y/o40000
Pernía, LeonelFlag 42 y/o10100
Pernía, MarianoFlag 41 y/o140210
Persia, ArielFlag 39 y/o10000
Persia, FabricioFlag 29 y/o70000
Polakovich, MateoFlag 21 y/o10000
Reinoso, BraianFlag 20 y/o130100
Risatti III, RicardoFlag 31 y/o20100
Rodríguez, MatíasFlag 25 y/o10000
Salerno, AlessandroFlag 26 y/o10000
Sapag, José ManuelFlag 22 y/o141301
Scalbi, Augusto MateoFlag 27 y/o50000
Scoltore, JuanFlag 26 y/o130000
Suarez, GermanFlag 44 y/o10000
Traut, NicolásFlag 40 y/o80000
Varrone, NicolásFlag 17 y/o10000
Vicino, LucasFlag 16 y/o60000
Vitar, JorgeFlag 19 y/o50000
Vivian, FrancoFlag 29 y/o10000
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