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Taylor Trophy 2015 standings

Race results for Taylor Trophy 2015

1.Flag Andrew WilkinsonLynx Mk.3Ford 1.1Dunlop
Fastest lap
2.Flag Ivo GoeckmannJolusFord 1.1Dunlop
Pole position
3.Flag Andrew TaylorCooper T56Ford 1.1Dunlop
4.Flag Robert BarrieLotus 18Ford 1.1Dunlop
5.Flag Dan CollinsLotus 18Ford 1.1Dunlop
6.Flag James HicksCaravelle Mk.IIIFord 1.1Dunlop
7.Flag Iain RowleyKieftFord 1.1Dunlop
8.Flag James OwenElva 200BMC 1.1Dunlop
9.Flag Martin AubertLotus 20Ford 1.1Dunlop
10.Flag Lance WhiteheadLotus 20Ford 1.1Dunlop
11.Flag Andrew HaydenEnvoy Mk.2Ford 1.1Dunlop
12.Flag Jeremy DeeleyCooper T52BMC 1.1Dunlop
13.Flag Chris WilksDeep Sanderson DS104Ford 1.1Dunlop
14.Flag Pat BarfordDeSanctisFiat 1.1Dunlop
15.Flag Trevor GriffithsEmerysonFord 1.1Dunlop
16.Flag Anthony GoddardTojeiroFord 1.1Dunlop
17.Flag Christopher ScholeyEnvoy Mk.1Ford 1.1Dunlop
18.Flag Pierre GuichardFacioliFiat 1.1Dunlop
19.Flag David DrewRAM 04Fiat 1.1Dunlop
Flag Crispian BesleyCooper T56BMC 1.1Dunlop
Flag Tim BishopSauterDKW 1.1Dunlop
Flag John ChisholmGemini Mk.3AFord 1.1Dunlop
Flag Rudolf ErnstPBADKW 1.1Dunlop
Flag Peter FenichelCooper T56BMC 1.1Dunlop
Flag Steve FutterLotus 20Ford 1.1Dunlop
Flag Mike GregoryDe TomasoFiat 1.1Dunlop
Flag Alex MortonAusper T3Ford 1.1Dunlop
Flag Andrew PrillLotus 20Ford 1.1Dunlop
Flag Stuart RoachCondor SIIFord 1.1Dunlop
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