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St Francois County Raceway - 410 Sprintcars 2017 standings

Championship points standings for the St Francois County Raceway - 410 Sprintcars 2017

Most race winsFlag Joey Montgomery
Most podium positionsFlag Joey Montgomery
Most podium positions without a winFlag Kent Buckley

Nationality of participating drivers

98.1%U.S.A.Flag Joe B Miller, Joey Montgomery, Kent Buckley, Andy McElhannon, Tommy Worley Jr, Robbie Standridge, Joey Boyd, Ryan Kempin, Kameron Key, Jeff Wurst, Adam Cruea, Kevin Todd, Adam Carlyon, Tim Montgomery, Kevin Petty, Jason Keith, Brad Greer, Dale Campbell, Scottie Gretzmacher, Adam Parmeley, Howard Moore, Alan Yount, Dustin Adams, Steve Short, Dustin Barks, Cory Bruns, Carl Finder, Aaron Bruns, George Crawford, Dylan Tuxhorn, Dakota Greer, Luke Hanning, Dustin Homan, Danny Long, Butch Lyons, Mitch Parmeley, Darin Adams, James Scott, Pete Palazzalo, Jeff Tuxhorn, Andy Phillips, John Epperson, Chuck Walker, Bobby Duncan, Kory Bales, Dylan Dejournett, Brad Loyet, Kaylon McEntire, Jimmy Bridgeman, Kyle Stearns, Matt Zimmerly51
1.9%AustraliaFlag Warren Ferguson1

Individual driver statistics for the 2017 St Francois County Raceway - 410 Sprintcars

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adams, DarinFlag n/a30000
Adams, DustinFlag n/a12030
Bales, KoryFlag 31 y/o3010
Barks, DustinFlag 32 y/o20000
Boyd, JoeyFlag n/a15010
Bridgeman, JimmyFlag n/a20000
Bruns, AaronFlag n/a4010
Bruns, CoryFlag 31 y/o20000
Buckley, KentFlag n/a15080
Campbell, DaleFlag n/a60000
Carlyon, AdamFlag n/a140000
Crawford, GeorgeFlag n/a40000
Cruea, AdamFlag n/a10000
Dejournett, DylanFlag n/a10000
Duncan, BobbyFlag n/a50000
Epperson, JohnFlag n/a30000
Ferguson, WarrenFlag n/a10000
Finder, CarlFlag n/a50000
Greer, BradFlag n/a10000
Greer, DakotaFlag n/a20000
Gretzmacher, ScottieFlag n/a15010
Hanning, LukeFlag n/a90000
Homan, DustinFlag n/a20000
Keith, JasonFlag n/a130000
Kempin, RyanFlag n/a5010
Key, KameronFlag n/a20000
Long, DannyFlag n/a10000
Loyet, BradFlag 29 y/o2220
Lyons, ButchFlag n/a20000
McElhannon, AndyFlag n/a20000
McEntire, KaylonFlag n/a10000
Miller, Joe BFlag 26 y/o2110
Montgomery, JoeyFlag n/a147100
Montgomery, TimFlag n/a6010
Moore, HowardFlag 20 y/o4220
Palazzalo, PeteFlag n/a20000
Parmeley, AdamFlag n/a120000
Parmeley, MitchFlag n/a20000
Petty, KevinFlag n/a100000
Phillips, AndyFlag n/a70000
Scott, JamesFlag n/a20000
Short, SteveFlag n/a11120
Standridge, RobbieFlag n/a15150
Stearns, KyleFlag n/a10000
Todd, KevinFlag n/a130000
Tuxhorn, DylanFlag n/a30000
Tuxhorn, JeffFlag n/a10000
Walker, ChuckFlag 54 y/o3010
Worley Jr, TommyFlag 48 y/o15130
Wurst, JeffFlag n/a14020
Yount, AlanFlag n/a10000
Zimmerly, MattFlag n/a10000
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