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SRL Legends Tour 2010 standings

Championship points standings for the SRL Legends Tour 2010

Most race winsFlag Darren Amidon
Most podium positionsFlag Darren Amidon
Most podium positions without a winFlag Austin Reed
Flag Donny Darter
Flag Chad Schug

Nationality of participating drivers

100%U.S.A.Flag Cale Kanke, Austin Reed, Darren Amidon, Stanislav Osterlund, Devin Mack, Chase Catania, Devan Newberry, Bob Newberry, Donny Darter, Tony Mangini, Chad Schug, Jeremy Wood, Greg Baxter, Mark Borchetta, Fred Clement, Keith Clement, Hunter Colodny, Blake Dunkleburger, Josh Geer, Tonyh Green, Jack Humphrey, Mark Lungerich, Joe Leduc, Frankie Marks, Terry Matthiesen, Jim Mrzonski, Jim Pantier, Micah Parmer, Brent Scheidemantle, Gary Scheuerell, Don Teller, Jimmy Walker, Aaron Wells, Jason Anderline, Cody Berger, Rick Clark, Buddy Cox, Robert Czub, Michael Demartini, Jeremy Doss, Steve Fensler Jr., Matthew Hicks, James Gilliland, Danny Guibor, Todd Hunsaker, Bill Kistenmacher, Bob Kuebler, Rob Lathrop, Nicholas Lundstrom, Johnny Morrissey, Angelo Queirolo, Dave Sciaronni, Donny St. Ours, Johnathan St. Ours, Michael Smith, Donny Stone, Jared Torres, Emma Tucker, Jessica Walker59

Individual driver statistics for the 2010 SRL Legends Tour

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Amidon, DarrenFlag n/a624
Anderline, JasonFlag n/a100
Baxter, GregFlag n/a200
Berger, CodyFlag n/a100
Borchetta, MarkFlag n/a200
Catania, ChaseFlag 19 y/o111
Clark, RickFlag n/a100
Clement, FredFlag n/a200
Clement, KeithFlag n/a200
Colodny, HunterFlag n/a200
Cox, BuddyFlag n/a100
Czub, RobertFlag n/a101
Darter, DonnyFlag n/a402
Demartini, MichaelFlag n/a100
Doss, JeremyFlag 13 y/o100
Dunkleburger, BlakeFlag n/a200
Fensler Jr., SteveFlag n/a100
Geer, JoshFlag n/a200
Gilliland, JamesFlag n/a111
Green, TonyhFlag n/a200
Guibor, DannyFlag n/a100
Hicks, MatthewFlag n/a100
Humphrey, JackFlag n/a200
Hunsaker, ToddFlag n/a100
Kanke, CaleFlag 19 y/o813
Kistenmacher, BillFlag n/a100
Kuebler, BobFlag n/a100
Lathrop, RobFlag n/a100
Leduc, JoeFlag n/a200
Lundstrom, NicholasFlag n/a100
Lungerich, MarkFlag n/a200
Mack, DevinFlag n/a300
Mangini, TonyFlag n/a300
Marks, FrankieFlag 20 y/o200
Matthiesen, TerryFlag n/a200
Morrissey, JohnnyFlag n/a101
Mrzonski, JimFlag n/a200
Newberry, BobFlag n/a100
Newberry, DevanFlag n/a100
Osterlund, StanislavFlag 15 y/o501
Pantier, JimFlag n/a200
Parmer, MicahFlag n/a201
Queirolo, AngeloFlag n/a101
Reed, AustinFlag 16 y/o802
Scheidemantle, BrentFlag n/a211
Scheuerell, GaryFlag n/a200
Schug, ChadFlag n/a302
Sciaronni, DaveFlag n/a100
Smith, MichaelFlag n/a100
St. Ours, DonnyFlag n/a111
St. Ours, JohnathanFlag n/a100
Stone, DonnyFlag n/a100
Teller, DonFlag n/a200
Torres, JaredFlag n/a100
Tucker, EmmaFlag n/a100
Walker, JessicaFlag 19 y/o100
Walker, JimmyFlag n/a200
Wells, AaronFlag n/a200
Wood, JeremyFlag n/a312
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