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SRA Sprintcar Easter Trail 2012 standings

Championship points standings for the SRA Sprintcar Easter Trail 2012

Most race winsFlag Steven Lines
Most podium positionsFlag Steven Lines
Flag Daniel Pestka
Most podium positions without a winFlag Daniel Pestka
Most fastest race lapsFlag Steven Lines
Flag Matt Young
Flag Trevor Green

Nationality of participating drivers

98%AustraliaFlag Steven Lines, Darren Mollenoyux, Matthew Reed, Matt Young, Daniel Pestka, Max Dumesny, David Murcott, Trevor Green, James McFadden, Stephen Bell, Nick Lacey, Darren Hickman, Brent Aprile, Kurt Luttrell, Tim van Ginneken, Dennis Jones, John Vogels, Adam King, Brett Milburn, Rod Matthews, Ron Dalton, Jack Lee, Jackson Delamont, Phillip Lock, Michael Cunningham, Shaun Dobson, Steve Ellis, Jeremy Cross, Ryan Davis, Glen Sutherland, Domain Ramsay, Mark House, Rhiannon Burleigh, Garry Brazier, Brendan Balcome, Mitch Foster, Carl Ludeman, Kris Lacey, Colin Lamb, Jamie Veal, Simon van Ginneken, Taylor Johnson, Charles Hunter, Ashley Scott, Quentin Tanner, Matt Egel, David Challons, John Baynes, Kristy Ellis, Eddie Lumbar50
2%U.S.A.Flag Shane Stewart1

Individual driver statistics for the 2012 SRA Sprintcar Easter Trail

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Aprile, BrentFlag 19 y/o30000
Balcome, BrendanFlag n/a30000
Baynes, JohnFlag n/a10000
Bell, StephenFlag 40 y/o20000
Brazier, GarryFlag 39 y/o20000
Burleigh, RhiannonFlag 17 y/o20000
Challons, DavidFlag n/a20000
Cross, JeremyFlag n/a30000
Cunningham, MichaelFlag 37 y/o30000
Dalton, RonFlag 60 y/o30000
Davis, RyanFlag n/a30000
Delamont, JacksonFlag n/a30000
Dobson, ShaunFlag n/a30000
Dumesny, MaxFlag 52 y/o30000
Egel, MattFlag 27 y/o10100
Ellis, KristyFlag 23 y/o10000
Ellis, SteveFlag n/a20000
Foster, MitchFlag 22 y/o30000
Green, TrevorFlag 42 y/o31101
Hickman, DarrenFlag n/a30000
House, MarkFlag n/a30000
Hunter, CharlesFlag 30 y/o00000
Johnson, TaylorFlag n/a20000
Jones, DennisFlag 44 y/o30000
King, AdamFlag 26 y/o30000
Lacey, KrisFlag n/a30000
Lacey, NickFlag 24 y/o30000
Lamb, ColinFlag n/a10000
Lee, JackFlag 20 y/o30000
Lines, StevenFlag 28 y/o32201
Lock, PhillipFlag 38 y/o30000
Ludeman, CarlFlag 48 y/o30000
Lumbar, EddieFlag 31 y/o10000
Luttrell, KurtFlag 33 y/o30000
Matthews, RodFlag 47 y/o20000
McFadden, JamesFlag 23 y/o30000
Milburn, BrettFlag 34 y/o30000
Mollenoyux, DarrenFlag 30 y/o30100
Murcott, DavidFlag 41 y/o30000
Pestka, DanielFlag 20 y/o30200
Ramsay, DomainFlag 41 y/o30000
Reed, MatthewFlag 37 y/o30100
Scott, AshleyFlag 17 y/o20000
Stewart, ShaneFlag 36 y/o20000
Sutherland, GlenFlag 27 y/o30000
Tanner, QuentinFlag 28 y/o10000
van Ginneken, SimonFlag 29 y/o10000
van Ginneken, TimFlag 26 y/o30000
Veal, JamieFlag 23 y/o20100
Vogels, JohnFlag 42 y/o20000
Young, MattFlag n/a30001
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