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Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP 2018

Most race winsFlag Chad Blonde
Most podium positionsFlag Chad Blonde
Most podium positions without a winFlag Gregg Dalman
Flag Boston Mead
Most fastest race lapsFlag Chad Blonde

Nationality of participating drivers

95.3%U.S.A.Flag Zane DeVault, Chad Blonde, Matt Foos, Ryan Ruhl, Gregg Dalman, Jay Steinebach, Boston Mead, Adam Cruea, Joe Swanson, Shawn Valenti, Josh Turner, Thomas Schinderle, Quentin Blonde, Andy Teunessen, Troy Chehowski, Mark Aldrich, Eric Smith, Justin Ward, Andrew Scheid, Ricky Ferkel, Alexis Adgate, Josh Ward, Chase Ridenour, Dan McCarron, Brad Lamberson, Nic Rogers, Trey Smith, Ty Williams, Tylar Rankin, Zac Broughman, Brian Smith, Jason Blonde, Josh Mohr, Daryl Shaffer, Kyle Stepke, Tyler Bearden, Steve Irwin, Tyler Fitzpatrick, Dustin Shriver, Michael Summers, Brett Mann, Eli Lakin, Thomas Meseraull, Tony Bures, Robert Huisken, Mike Astrauskas, John Gall, Chris Pobanz, Tanner Astrauskas, A J Aldrich, Brad Wickham, Skippy Bradford, John Gurley, Jeremy Ferguson, Michael Schumacher, Max Stambaugh, Keith Sheffer Jr, Mark Strpko, Cap Henry, Tyler Gunn, Matt Kinzinger61
4.7%CanadaFlag Josh Shantz, Chris Jones, Dylan Westbrook3

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt presented by ARP

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adgate, AlexisFlag n/a30000
Aldrich, A JFlag n/a10000
Aldrich, MarkFlag n/a100000
Astrauskas, MikeFlag 46 y/o20000
Astrauskas, TannerFlag n/a10000
Bearden, TylerFlag n/a20000
Blonde, ChadFlag n/a1451203
Blonde, JasonFlag n/a10000
Blonde, QuentinFlag n/a10020
Bradford, SkippyFlag n/a10000
Broughman, ZacFlag n/a70000
Bures, TonyFlag n/a30000
Chehowski, TroyFlag n/a20000
Cruea, AdamFlag n/a10000
Dalman, GreggFlag 46 y/o80300
DeVault, ZaneFlag n/a5110
Ferguson, JeremyFlag n/a30000
Ferkel, RickyFlag n/a140000
Fitzpatrick, TylerFlag n/a40000
Foos, MattFlag n/a1010
Gall, JohnFlag n/a10000
Gunn, TylerFlag 22 y/o10000
Gurley, JohnFlag n/a20000
Henry, CapFlag 27 y/o1110
Huisken, RobertFlag n/a30000
Irwin, SteveFlag 40 y/o4020
Jones, ChrisFlag 45 y/o30000
Kinzinger, MattFlag n/a10000
Lakin, EliFlag n/a30000
Lamberson, BradFlag n/a40000
Mann, BrettFlag n/a30000
McCarron, DanFlag n/a20000
Mead, BostonFlag n/a9030
Meseraull, ThomasFlag 37 y/o10000
Mohr, JoshFlag n/a10000
Pobanz, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Rankin, TylarFlag n/a50000
Ridenour, ChaseFlag n/a41301
Rogers, NicFlag n/a20000
Ruhl, RyanFlag n/a12160
Scheid, AndrewFlag n/a40000
Schinderle, ThomasFlag n/a60000
Schumacher, MichaelFlag n/a100000
Shaffer, DarylFlag n/a50000
Shantz, JoshFlag n/a30000
Sheffer Jr, KeithFlag n/a10000
Shriver, DustinFlag n/a50000
Smith, BrianFlag 43 y/o10000
Smith, EricFlag n/a90000
Smith, TreyFlag n/a60000
Stambaugh, MaxFlag 22 y/o2110
Steinebach, JayFlag n/a140000
Stepke, KyleFlag n/a10000
Strpko, MarkFlag n/a10000
Summers, MichaelFlag n/a50000
Swanson, JoeFlag n/a90000
Teunessen, AndyFlag 42 y/o50000
Turner, JoshFlag n/a6110
Valenti, ShawnFlag n/a13350
Ward, JoshFlag n/a130000
Ward, JustinFlag n/a130000
Westbrook, DylanFlag 19 y/o1010
Wickham, BradFlag n/a20000
Williams, TyFlag n/a40000
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