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Sprints on Dirt Series 2005 standings

Championship points standings for the Sprints on Dirt Series 2005


Nationality of participating drivers

54.1%CanadaFlag Kyle Patrick, Glenn Styres, Adam West, Warren Mahoney, Garry Evans, Tom Huppunen, Andrew Reaume, Chris Pyle, Cody Geldart, Keith Dempster, Gary Evans, Dick Mahoney, John Riegling, Joe Middlemiss, Craig Downie, Daryl Turford, Willy Northcott, Charlie McCann, Randy Years, James Whittaker20
45.9%U.S.A.Flag Tim Norman, Dustin Daggett, Bryan Howland, Chuck Hebing, Nick Mulheim, Mark Broughman, Ben Rutan, Gregg Dalman, Jim Porter, Brad Knab, Bill Johnson, Dain Naida, Ernie Kuehneman Jr, Mark Schulz, Ryan Grubaugh, Louie Carufel, Davey Brown17

Individual driver statistics for the 2005 Sprints on Dirt Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Broughman, MarkFlag n/a000
Brown, DaveyFlag n/a000
Carufel, LouieFlag n/a000
Daggett, DustinFlag 22 y/o000
Dalman, GreggFlag 33 y/o000
Dempster, KeithFlag n/a000
Downie, CraigFlag n/a000
Evans, GarryFlag 53 y/o000
Evans, GaryFlag n/a000
Geldart, CodyFlag n/a000
Grubaugh, RyanFlag 21 y/o000
Hebing, ChuckFlag 41 y/o000
Howland, BryanFlag 18 y/o000
Huppunen, TomFlag n/a000
Johnson, BillFlag 38 y/o000
Knab, BradFlag n/a000
Kuehneman Jr, ErnieFlag n/a000
Mahoney, DickFlag n/a000
Mahoney, WarrenFlag n/a000
McCann, CharlieFlag n/a000
Middlemiss, JoeFlag n/a000
Mulheim, NickFlag n/a000
Naida, DainFlag 33 y/o000
Norman, TimFlag n/a0
Northcott, WillyFlag n/a000
Patrick, KyleFlag n/a000
Porter, JimFlag n/a000
Pyle, ChrisFlag n/a000
Reaume, AndrewFlag n/a000
Riegling, JohnFlag n/a000
Rutan, BenFlag 33 y/o000
Schulz, MarkFlag n/a000
Styres, GlennFlag 41 y/o000
Turford, DarylFlag n/a000
West, AdamFlag n/a000
Whittaker, JamesFlag n/a000
Years, RandyFlag n/a000
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