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Sprints on Dirt Series 2000 standings

Championship points standings for the Sprints on Dirt Series 2000

Most race winsFlag Aaron Call
Flag Kyle Sauder
Most podium positionsFlag Aaron Call
Most podium positions without a winFlag Tim Kern
Flag Ken Burden
Flag Jeremy Campbell

Nationality of participating drivers

96.7%U.S.A.Flag Aaron Call, Gregg Dalman, Tim Kern, Ken Burden, Jim Dayton, Mike Daggett, Fred Bliss, Ben Rutan, Steve Irwin, Mark Irwin, Mark Broughman, Tom Fedorczyk, Eddie Smith, Andy James, Dustin Daggett, John Gall, Mike Dussel, Heath Miller, Doug Deuel, John Naida, Jeremy Campbell, Dain Naida, Sean Robinson, Jimmy Turner, Kyle Poortenga, Joe Bares, Carl Fry, Stephen Perlmutter, Bill Johnson, Ron Spieth, Todd Kimball, Wayne Morrison, Jason Curlis, Barry Roscoe, Jim Payne, Gary Hayward, Jerry Whitney, Dave Davis, Ralph Brakenberry, Craig Keel, John Hawk, Tim Lowe, Tom Lowe, Chris Webster, Jimmy Johnston, Jimmy Jackson, Kyle Sauder, Ronnie Beale, Damon Bassett, Oscar Smith, Leo Smith, Matt Heath, Cody Smith, Todd Wohlford, Frank Taylor, Tim Stilwell, Jim Wohlfeil, Tim Allison, Paul Weaver59
3.3%CanadaFlag John Riegling, Ryan Coniam2

Individual driver statistics for the 2000 Sprints on Dirt Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Allison, TimFlag 41 y/o1110
Bares, JoeFlag 22 y/o10000
Bassett, DamonFlag n/a2000
Beale, RonnieFlag n/a1000
Bliss, FredFlag 42 y/o4000
Brakenberry, RalphFlag n/a00000
Broughman, MarkFlag n/a1000
Burden, KenFlag n/a1010
Call, AaronFlag 31 y/o7350
Campbell, JeremyFlag 16 y/o4010
Coniam, RyanFlag n/a1000
Curlis, JasonFlag n/a10000
Daggett, DustinFlag 17 y/o2000
Daggett, MikeFlag n/a1000
Dalman, GreggFlag 28 y/o5110
Davis, DaveFlag n/a30000
Dayton, JimFlag n/a3120
Deuel, DougFlag n/a4000
Dussel, MikeFlag n/a1000
Fedorczyk, TomFlag 38 y/o3000
Fry, CarlFlag n/a10000
Gall, JohnFlag n/a1000
Hawk, JohnFlag n/a2110
Hayward, GaryFlag n/a30000
Heath, MattFlag n/a1000
Irwin, MarkFlag 45 y/o2000
Irwin, SteveFlag 22 y/o4000
Jackson, JimmyFlag n/a30000
James, AndyFlag n/a5220
Johnson, BillFlag 33 y/o20000
Johnston, JimmyFlag n/a4110
Keel, CraigFlag 38 y/o3130
Kern, TimFlag n/a1010
Kimball, ToddFlag n/a30000
Lowe, TimFlag n/a1000
Lowe, TomFlag n/a00000
Miller, HeathFlag n/a1000
Morrison, WayneFlag 39 y/o30000
Naida, DainFlag 28 y/o3000
Naida, JohnFlag 52 y/o4000
Payne, JimFlag n/a40000
Perlmutter, StephenFlag n/a30000
Poortenga, KyleFlag n/a30000
Riegling, JohnFlag n/a1000
Robinson, SeanFlag n/a5110
Roscoe, BarryFlag n/a20000
Rutan, BenFlag 28 y/o2000
Sauder, KyleFlag n/a3330
Smith, CodyFlag n/a2000
Smith, EddieFlag n/a4000
Smith, LeoFlag n/a1000
Smith, OscarFlag n/a2000
Spieth, RonFlag n/a10000
Stilwell, TimFlag n/a10000
Taylor, FrankFlag 41 y/o10000
Turner, JimmyFlag n/a20000
Weaver, PaulFlag n/a1110
Webster, ChrisFlag n/a10000
Whitney, JerryFlag 51 y/o20000
Wohlfeil, JimFlag 61 y/o1000
Wohlford, ToddFlag n/a10000
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