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AHG Sprintcar Series 2018 standings

Championship points standings for the AHG Sprintcar Series 2018

Most race winsFlag Jamie Veal
Most podium positionsFlag Jason Kendrick
Most podium positions without a winFlag Andrew Priolo
Flag Carson Macedo
Most fastest race lapsFlag Shaun Bradford

Nationality of participating drivers

92.1%AustraliaFlag Thomas Davies, Jason Kendrick, Brad Maiolo, Jamie Oldfield, Jamie Maiolo, Andrew Priolo, A J Nash, Daniel Harding, Shaun Bradford, Scott Chatwin, Ryan Lancaster, Matthew Cross, Kye Scroop, Adrian Haywood, Darren Mewett, James Inglis, Troy Beckingham, Kaiden Manders, Ben Ellement, Daryl Clayden, Jamie Landrigan, Mitchell Wormall, Robert Mould, Carl Dowling, Jamie Veal, James McFadden, Aldo de Paoli, Liam Dowling, Tom Payet, Sean Zemunik, Tim van Ginneken, Darren Mollenoyux, Kerry Madsen, Corey Hunter, Troy Lawson, Ray Leonard, Michael Keen, Vince Rosenthal, Paul Peet, Stephen Adley, Ben Van Ryt, Tom Hooper, Lisa Walker, Daniel Keen, Luke Hughes, Jack Lee, Kevin Titman, Jye O'Keeffe, Bradley Keller, Brooke Tatnell, Glen Sutherland, Lachlan McHugh, Taylor Milling, Michael Saller, David Murcott, Luke Dillon, Kris Coyle, Brodie Minchin58
6.3%U.S.A.Flag Parker Price-Miller, Ryan Smith, Carson Macedo, Dominic Scelzi4
1.6%New ZealandFlag Jason Pryde1

Individual driver statistics for the 2018 AHG Sprintcar Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Adley, StephenFlag n/a20000
Beckingham, TroyFlag 44 y/o50000
Bradford, ShaunFlag 32 y/o73504
Chatwin, ScottFlag n/a90000
Clayden, DarylFlag 47 y/o70000
Coyle, KrisFlag n/a20000
Cross, MatthewFlag n/a60000
Davies, ThomasFlag n/a10000
de Paoli, AldoFlag n/a20000
Dillon, LukeFlag 37 y/o20100
Dowling, CarlFlag 30 y/o30100
Dowling, LiamFlag n/a20000
Ellement, BenFlag 41 y/o70001
Harding, DanielFlag n/a110100
Haywood, AdrianFlag n/a30000
Hooper, TomFlag n/a20000
Hughes, LukeFlag n/a00000
Hunter, CoreyFlag n/a40000
Inglis, JamesFlag n/a60000
Keen, DanielFlag n/a10000
Keen, MichaelFlag n/a40000
Keller, BradleyFlag n/a40000
Kendrick, JasonFlag n/a172702
Lancaster, RyanFlag n/a60000
Landrigan, JamieFlag n/a50000
Lawson, TroyFlag n/a10000
Lee, JackFlag 26 y/o40000
Leonard, RayFlag n/a40000
Macedo, CarsonFlag 22 y/o60201
Madsen, KerryFlag 47 y/o30100
Maiolo, BradFlag n/a171401
Maiolo, JamieFlag 38 y/o171501
Manders, KaidenFlag n/a100100
McFadden, JamesFlag 29 y/o72301
McHugh, LachlanFlag 20 y/o40000
Mewett, DarrenFlag n/a70000
Milling, TaylorFlag n/a30000
Minchin, BrodieFlag n/a20000
Mollenoyux, DarrenFlag 36 y/o70100
Mould, RobertFlag n/a40000
Murcott, DavidFlag 47 y/o60000
Nash, A JFlag n/a120000
O'Keeffe, JyeFlag 37 y/o40000
Oldfield, JamieFlag 37 y/o170100
Payet, TomFlag n/a50000
Peet, PaulFlag n/a40000
Price-Miller, ParkerFlag 20 y/o41300
Priolo, AndrewFlag n/a140200
Pryde, JasonFlag 34 y/o111100
Rosenthal, VinceFlag n/a10000
Saller, MichaelFlag n/a60000
Scelzi, DominicFlag 21 y/o40000
Scroop, KyeFlag n/a100001
Smith, RyanFlag 30 y/o41301
Sutherland, GlenFlag 33 y/o60000
Tatnell, BrookeFlag 46 y/o40100
Titman, KevinFlag 40 y/o40000
van Ginneken, TimFlag 32 y/o10000
Van Ryt, BenFlag n/a20000
Veal, JamieFlag 29 y/o74503
Walker, LisaFlag n/a70000
Wormall, MitchellFlag n/a100000
Zemunik, SeanFlag n/a20000
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