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AHG Sprintcar Series 2006 standings

Championship points standings for the AHG Sprintcar Series 2006

Most race winsFlag Dean Jacobs
Most podium positionsFlag Dean Jacobs
Most podium positions without a winFlag Jamie Maiolo

Nationality of participating drivers

93.3%AustraliaFlag Max Dumesny, David Priolo, Ian Woods, Jamie Maiolo, Kent Roberts, Ryan Farrell, Adyme Harvey, Scott Reilly, Carl Dowling, Les Sawyer, Ken Sartori, Shaun Bradford, Mike Figliomeni, Scott Milling, Peter Sinagra, Jodi Waldron, Greg Fisher, Luch Monte, Veronica McCann, Shaun Roser, Wayne Russell, Phil Johnson, Rob Adley, Matt Muir, David Hall, Trevor Reynolds, Daryl Clayden, Shannan Peet, Steven Ford, Troy Wilson, Marshall McDiarmid, Johnny Angel, John Liddelow, Pino Priolo, Troy Beckingham, Rick Geneve, Chris Ackland, Daniel Hawkins, Trent Gravestock, Sarah Zemunik, Todd Kenworthy, Alicia Woods, Ray Fitzsimmons, Casey Bradford, Nicholas Bombak, Mark Hales, Ray Hale, Matt Brown, Matthew Reed, Robbie Farr, Allan Haynes, Danny Reidy, Cameron Gessner, Grant Anderson, Ben Atkinson, Ian Madsen56
6.7%U.S.A.Flag Dean Jacobs, Jesse Hockett, Wayne Johnson, Dennis Moore Jr4

Individual driver statistics for the 2006 AHG Sprintcar Series

DriverAgeRacesWinsPodiumsPolesFastest laps
Ackland, ChrisFlag 39 y/o50000
Adley, RobFlag n/a100000
Anderson, GrantFlag 25 y/o40000
Angel, JohnnyFlag n/a90000
Atkinson, BenFlag n/a20000
Beckingham, TroyFlag 32 y/o80000
Bombak, NicholasFlag n/a30000
Bradford, CaseyFlag n/a10000
Bradford, ShaunFlag 20 y/o15120
Brown, MattFlag n/a10000
Clayden, DarylFlag 35 y/o40000
Dowling, CarlFlag 18 y/o15240
Dumesny, MaxFlag 46 y/o4330
Farr, RobbieFlag 32 y/o4030
Farrell, RyanFlag 32 y/o16480
Figliomeni, MikeFlag 42 y/o13040
Fisher, GregFlag n/a90000
Fitzsimmons, RayFlag n/a10000
Ford, StevenFlag n/a140000
Geneve, RickFlag n/a110000
Gessner, CameronFlag 25 y/o40000
Gravestock, TrentFlag n/a30000
Hale, RayFlag n/a10000
Hales, MarkFlag n/a20000
Hall, DavidFlag n/a150000
Harvey, AdymeFlag n/a160000
Hawkins, DanielFlag n/a20000
Haynes, AllanFlag n/a40000
Hockett, JesseFlag 22 y/o2120
Jacobs, DeanFlag 42 y/o185110
Johnson, PhilFlag n/a40000
Johnson, WayneFlag 34 y/o20000
Kenworthy, ToddFlag n/a10000
Liddelow, JohnFlag n/a120000
Madsen, IanFlag 21 y/o10000
Maiolo, JamieFlag 26 y/o17050
McCann, VeronicaFlag 22 y/o12010
McDiarmid, MarshallFlag n/a11010
Milling, ScottFlag 44 y/o90000
Monte, LuchFlag 37 y/o10030
Moore Jr, DennisFlag n/a20000
Muir, MattFlag 35 y/o130000
Peet, ShannanFlag n/a10000
Priolo, DavidFlag n/a170000
Priolo, PinoFlag n/a40000
Reed, MatthewFlag 31 y/o50000
Reidy, DannyFlag 21 y/o40000
Reilly, ScottFlag n/a170000
Reynolds, TrevorFlag n/a30000
Roberts, KentFlag n/a170000
Roser, ShaunFlag n/a10000
Russell, WayneFlag 35 y/o120000
Sartori, KenFlag 29 y/o11250
Sawyer, LesFlag n/a150000
Sinagra, PeterFlag n/a50000
Waldron, JodiFlag n/a100000
Wilson, TroyFlag 34 y/o15010
Woods, AliciaFlag n/a10000
Woods, IanFlag n/a18010
Zemunik, SarahFlag n/a10000
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